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Industrial placements for EU trainees at Japanese Companies

Can you imagine yourself feeling so lucky all the time? I couldn’t, until I got a chance to live in Japan. All the people that I met, all adventures that I experienced and all new things that I learned make me feel really lucky. Land of the rising sun impressed me not only with its nature, but also with the kindness of the Japanese people and its unique culture. ‘Vulcanus in Japan’ is a programme  that gives you an opportunity to add value to your career in the best Japanese companies and makes you enjoy talking new language with the local people. Briefly, this programme is amazing opportunity in any respect. I am so thankful to the people who initiated this programme and who helped participants in every step of this new life. I feel honoured to work in Hitachi with the people who accepted me as a real worker in the unit. Now, Japan is not only a country of technology and innovation, it is also my second home.

Ms Gizem Cicek (TR) – Hitachi Research Lab – VinJ 2016/2017



Industrial placements for Japanese trainees at EU Companies

We have hosted Vulcanus student Sari Nishimura in our team from August 2014 until the end of March 2015. The experience having Sari with us has been really positive.
We learnt a lot about the Japanese culture and can understand it a bit more now. Sari is a brilliant student and managed to improve her English and German language skills a lot. Regarding her performance here, after the obligatory period of adaptation, she began to understand our project and managed to work both correctly and efficiently. I find the VULCANUS programme a really good tool for Japanese students to know a bit more about Europe and to have a first experience in a professional environment. Culture, behaviour, traditions, rules, etc… All this is crucial for their personal and professional development. Furthermore, this is a business world, therefore this experience will help them in the near future when they work in international companies.

Francisco Marti
Product Manager
Tiger Coatings GmbH & Co KG
Supervisor for Vulcanus in Europe 2014-15


ヴルカヌス・イン・ヨーロッパは、日本人理工系学生対象の、4ヵ月間の語学研修と8ヵ月間の企業研修を組み合わせた、欧州での1年間のインターンシッププログラムです。 今年9月の2018年度派遣者募集に伴い...




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