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Regional Innovation Capability and Technology Transfer in Biotechnology Clusters

New Recipes in Japan and Europe?


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To boost the development of biotechnology clusters, national and local governments encourage universities, research institutes, large firms and SMEs to make connections and advance technology transfer through networking policies which may lead to the commercialisation of biotechnology.

Current major economic research outcomes of regional innovation system show that technology transfer through such university-industry partnerships may facilitate regional capabilities for biotech innovation. However, many bioclusters face development problems in relation to technology transfer: the development of less competing technologies, slow licensing, fewer ventures and the globalisation of innovation.

Japan and France have several productive bioclusters and have adopted new policies to address the new challenges to re-boosting regional innovation. Focusing on healthcare applications ('red' biotechnology), this workshop compared Japanese and French practices, identified current development problems and looked for a new orientation integrating practical experiences and academic insights.

This workshop had two half-day sessions: On the first day, businesses from the Upper Rhine Area and from Japan presented and discussed their leading biotech technology transfer applications. The second day addressed current problems and future orientations, with Japanese and French academics leading the discussion of developments in biotech clusters.

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Date: 19.09.2013
, 13:30
- 18:30
, 09:00
- 12:30

Centre Européen d'Etudes Japonaises d'Alsace (CEEJA), Alsace (France)

Language: English (no interpretation provided)
Speakers & Presentations: Available presentations

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