Biscuits & Cookies

Only natural ingredients, authentic handcrafted French product made in La Provence region, in France. This biscuits selection reveals the fine scent of the orange blossoms cultivated in the wonderful village of Vallauris of the Juan Golfe.
The neroli water is extracted from the steamed flowers which have been carefully picked-up manually from bigarade orange trees. One ton of orange blossoms flowers is required to produce one litre of neroli water.
Wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, almond powder, olive oil, lemon zest, orange blossom essence.
Luxury box content:
24 Orange blossom taste biscuits
Total weight of the box: 1kg, Dimensions 7x16x26cm


Lutetia Internationale - Biscuits de France
“Biscuits de France” is a local trademark that we launched in 2018.
During several decades I have enjoyed travelling, discovering, meeting and sharing local food with incredible passionate foreign people in many countries all around the world. Today, I have decided to make the same in return by offering a direct access to the heart of my country, France, that is by enabling our customers to taste the traditional quality of the French Biscuits which are carefully hand-made in our thirteen regions of France.
My company is dedicated to promoting the excellence of our French local artisanal “grocery” products, for worldwide customers who are found of our country.
Today, we are pleased to propose 3 different tastes of biscuits produced in “La Provence” south region of France, these are: lavender, rose or orange blossom.
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