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Salty Sticks
Happylife salty sticks are made from high-quality organic ingredients. They are without preservatives, colourants or any additives.
Pistachio Cream in brick
Try to think of a lactose-free and naturally gluten-free product, with unique taste and creaminess without needing a slushing machine to prepare it. No more problems with consumption and repairs due to the slushing machine, with considerable savings in cost, space and time, as you no longer need to clean any equipment! Our creams are immediately ready to use and creamy to pour directly from the UHT Brick to the glass. Perfect to enjoy alone or as an ingredient for desserts.
Organic vegan hazelnut spread with cacao and coconut
Heavenly hazelnut spread with a very smooth texture and unique taste, thanks to the innovative blend of cacao, roasted hazelnuts, coconut cream, and olive oil. It is 100% natural and free from palm oil and soy lecithin.
Organic Frying Oil (High Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil)
Our frying oil is a sunflower seed oil extracted from a variety of sunflower that has seeds rich in oleic acid (omega 9), a monounsaturated fatty acid characterized by high stability. It is a perfect oil for frying because of its high smoke point. Nutrition: This oil is rich in oleic acid (Omega 9), a monounsaturated fatty acid with antioxidant and vitalizing properties.
Diez Siglos Verdejo Ecológico
Organic and vegan at the same time, fermented on its own lees for 3 months and with a short rest in the bottle, it is a unique wine. Perfect varietal expression, bright and with a powerful volume on the palate. Aroma of fresh grass, fennel and aniseed typical of the Verdejo variety.
Organic puffed millet 100g
Expanding or puffing is subjecting grain to hot steam under high pressure without the addition of chemicals. Whole cereal grains are used for puffing, hence the expanded products retain most of the valuable nutrients contained in the grain. Thanks to the puffing process, the product has an attractive light yellow color.
Rice Ice Cream
A rice ice-cream mixture designed to turn the treat into a daily pleasure to be enjoyed with self-love and respect for the environment thanks to the careful selection of quality ingredients and the desire to give wellness with taste. Our ice cream mixture has ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS: rice drink, rice syrup, Carob flour.
Organic potato chips truffle flavour
Concentrated Organic Apple Juic
Concentrated organic apple juice, 250 ml glass bottle, made 100% from fruit.
Chufa Xfine Flour
Extrafine chufa flour is obtained from mechanically selected, peeled and ground chufa (tigernut) tubers, passed through a sieve according to the desired granulometry.