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Tohi organic chocolate bars / tabs 70g
The Tohi Master-Chocolatiers work on subtle and unexpected blends. To share these arts, they have created a range of eighteen 70g chocolate bars; a range that just has to be extended...Let yourself be seduced by the wild taste of the strong dark chocolate and by the sweet milk chocolate blended with natural ingredients of exceptional quality.
The coffee pod is a single roasted ground coffee portion, packaged with Compofilt® certified compostable filter paper and individually packaged in a protective atmosphere. Easy use and service, freshness and sustainability enclosed in a coffee pod. For a perfect espresso at home as well as the restaurant or at the café (when the barista is not there). Once ground, the coffee is enclosed in pods and packaged in a protective atmosphere to best preserve the aromas until the time of extraction. Good to know: this system, among the many advantages, requires minimal maintenance, reduces waste and it’s eco-friendly.
Organic freeze-dried Strawberries
On the go snack
Freeze-dried berries are a healthy snack, comfortable to take everywhere you go, and taste great!
Brewer’s Organic Yövesi
Alc 4,5% vol - 500 ml
Unfiltered Brewer’s Organic Yövesi Dark Lager is a nut-brown and velvety smooth beer which will charm your taste buds. The charismatic nature of this beer is shaped by the caramel-like and slightly roasted aromas, together with flavourful maltiness.
Ratatouille Provencal Style
Fresh field grown, hand-picked aubergines and courgettes from the South of France.
Provencal style recipe: cooked with less tomato and a more pronounced flavour of herbs.
Delicious as an accompaniment or can be used as the base for a recipe.
Organic Reserve Sherry Vinegar
Organic Reserve Sherry vinegar has a really special character. Its rich aromas and unmistakable intense flavour make this vinegar unique and recognised as one of the best in the world.
Made only from Organic Jerez PDI wines, it acquires its genuine characteristics through the ageing it receives for over 6 months in American-oak sherry barrels through the special system of criaderas and soleras, the oldest and most traditional method.
Organic Reserve Sherry Vinegars are made in our winery in Jerez de la Frontera under the he Regulatory Council of the Appellations of Origin “Jerez-Xérès-Sherry”, which issues a number for each of the bottles made under its control.
Complex and balanced in character. It highlights the quality of food and gives it a really special touch.
Dense and dark, mahogany-coloured. Fragrant aroma of wood and walnuts, with hints of toffee on the palate.
A penetrating, concentrated, generous flavour. Its round, supple character comes as a surprise, acquired from the years spent ageing.
It is ideal to bring a touch of class to both warm and cold salads, marinated meat, or fish, and of course, it is an essential ingredient in a real Andalusian cold soup, or gazpacho.
Langhe Arneis
Grape variety: 100% Arneis
Apple Juice
Apple Juice made with selected apples that have been cold pressed and bottled.
Kullamust Apple is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.
Pumpkin seed flour mix for muffin dough preparation
With dried cranberries and white chocolate pieces.
Vegetarian, gluten free product. Source of protein and fibre. Source of iron and magnesium.
Semi-cured and cured goat cheese
The Goat Cheese Los Cameros (P.D.O. Queso Camerano) is a combination of all the flavour and all the tradition of our ancestors, together with the careful processing demanded by a Signature Cheese. The result is a full flavoured, highly intense and slightly lactic cheese with a pronounced aroma derived from natural curing.  Under the signature of Francisco Javier Martínez, a Master Cheesemaker, we are proud to present the revival of this centuries-old recipe for the goat cheese which was formerly made in La Rioja.
The development of affinage molds and the olive oil baths gives the perfect aroma and the colour achieved on maturity.
It is a full flavoured, highly intense and slightly lactic cheese, with a pronounced aroma and natural maturing, with an off-white colour and firm and crumbly texture. The characteristic rind is finely marked by the woven cheese-making basket.
With this cheese we invite you to savour the gastronomic heritage of La Rioja.