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Organic dark chocolate, cocoa & geranium Dark 70% Cocoa & Geranium Blossom Crystals
The Trianon de Porcelaine, designed by Louis XIV, was planted with rare and fragrant flowers.
Geraniums, popular during the reign of the Sun King, can be imagined lining the paths of this garden: in memory of this great building, which disappeared in 1687, Maison Bonange (Maison Bonange) has created a powerful, voluptuous chocolate greediness, with floral flavours The chocolate bar is proposed with a floral flavour layered on top of powerful, voluminous chocolate greediness.
Organic Membrillo 150 gr
Elaborated according to the traditional recipe, using only organic selected fresh fruit tenderloins. Of characteristic bright reddish-gold colour, it has a slightly rough texture. Its strong fruity and juicy flavour, makes it perfect for pairing with all cheeses, or any other sweet and salty recipe.
Rigatoni - Organic Ancient Grains Line
100% Sicilian Ancient Grain Semolina Pasta. Porous surface, achieved through bronze extrusion. Tough structure due to the quality of our semolina. Slowly dried at low temperatures. The Grani Antichi Donna Itriya line is made from a blend of Russello and Perciasacchi grains from organic farming. The wheat has found in the island the environmental conditions to thrive in over fifty specific local varieties. The lower gluten content in ancient Sicilian grains makes all the products derived from them lighter, more digestible, and easier to assimilate, with a lower likelihood of developing increasingly common intolerances, probably due to excessive consumption of modern wheat. Ancient grains, precisely because they are indigenous, are very resilient and grow spontaneously without the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides. COOKING TIME – 10 minutes for al dente NET WEIGHT – 500 g.
Concentrated Organic Apple Juic
Concentrated organic apple juice, 250 ml glass bottle, made 100% from fruit.
Rhododendron honey
This is a typical Alps plant that grows at extreme altitude: 2000 meters above the sea, where the environment is absolutely free from human activities.
At liquid state it's light-yellow coloured but it crystallizes very fast getting a unique white colour. Its flavour and aroma are not strong, they remind us to white flowers and snow.
Laxies Organic EVOO 200ml
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produce from single variety Ladoelia from Cyprus.
Candied orange peel strip
4kg. Firm and supple.
Shape: strip - length: 4.5 to 7 cm, width: 5 to 7mm, thickness: 4 to 5mm.
Place of fabrication and packaging: the site of Apt.
Conform to regulation 1334/2008/CE on flavours in foodstuffs and to regulation 231/2012/UE on additives in foodstuffs. Cardboard box of 4kg with blue plastic lining which conform to current regulation concerning material in contact with foodstuffs.
Application: for topping or to be coated in chocolate.
Les Fées Bio - Apple Peach Apricot Juice from Organic 100 % Occitania Fruits
1L NFC Organic Apple Peach Apricot Juice from Occitania
Eager to support a "meaningful" agriculture, this juice comes from fruits, 100% grown in the Occitania region. They are flash-pasteurized and packaged in our cooperative. This product participates in the development of the brand « Sud de France », which gathers the best producers of southern
A modern and ecological brick (FSC paper).
All the goodness and flavours of natural juice sugar, colouring and preservative free.
Convenient packaging with a secure and reliable pouring cap. An environmentally friendly packaging made with FSC paper. This packaging contributes to the protection of the forests worldwide.
Organic dark chocolate, 100 g
Dark chocolate made from 100% organic raw materials.
Chocolate contains not less than 70% cocoa solids.
Raggia di San Vito
Raggia di San Vito is a monocultivar extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. It is made of 100% olive type raggia.
It has a fresh olive fruity with a hint of almond. Delicate taste. This special olive oil is included among best 250 oils all over the world. The raggia olives are typical of the province of Ancona, Marche.