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Honeydew Honey
Honeydew honey is useful for upper respiratory tract diseases and in the case of lowered immunity. It supports the treatment of rheumatic, skin and nervous diseases. 
Spaghettoni - Organic Durum Wheat Line
100% Sicilian Organic Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta. Porous surface achieved through bronze extrusion. Tough structure due to the quality of our semolina. Slowly dried at low temperatures. The long pasta shapes of the Organic Durum Wheat Line by Donna Itriya are the epitome of the oldest Sicilian pasta-making tradition. Rolled out on 60cm canes, dried for over 24 hours, and packaged while preserving the intact archetto, synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, care, and elegance. The natural roughness is achieved through the use of the finest bronze extruders. Selected semolina, the result of milling organic Sicilian durum wheat grains.
Brazil Nut Broken
BRAZIL NUT BROKEN (size 1,2,5) are a derived product from Brazil nuts. Due to a contain of selenium, fatty acids, vitamins and other trace elements is this ingredients very healthy. SELENIUM rejuvenates cells, has an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts immunity. 

BROKEN Brazil nuts are perfect for muesli mixes, fillings or as a sprinkle as there is no granular convection. 
Brazil nuts are a sustainable food as they grow in the wild and by trading them you are directly protecting the Amazon rainforest.
Laxies Organic EVOO 200ml
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produce from single variety Ladoelia from Cyprus.
Chufa Horchatero Valencia
Chufas (tigernuts) are standard-sized, brown, rough, whole and dry tubers, which have been carefully selected and calibrated. They are specially designed for the production of horchata and vegetable drinks. 
Organic puffed millet 100g
Expanding or puffing is subjecting grain to hot steam under high pressure without the addition of chemicals. Whole cereal grains are used for puffing, hence the expanded products retain most of the valuable nutrients contained in the grain. Thanks to the puffing process, the product has an attractive light yellow color.
Siviero Maria 100% organic chocolate ice cream
Siviero Maria Bio Organic is a Gelato range made with 100% organic ingredients, packed in an innovative and exclusive 100% compostable tub.
The Chocolate Gelato, with its intense and enveloping flavour, is a unique product, made with 10% chocolate, fresh whole milk and cream.
It is flavourings, colourings, thickeners, emulsifiers, GMO and gluten free.
As we are committed to finding packaging and product innovations that create mutual benefit for both consumers and planet, we selected this innovative tub made from bagasse, the sugarcane fibre waste left after juice extraction: a packaging that is not only compostable and recyclable with paper, but also derived from waste material.
Size: 450ml – 300g
Other flavours available: strawberry, vanilla, stracciatella, hazelnut.
BIO fermented plant-based drink from green buckwheat
Fermentful natural plant-based probiotic drink is made using only carefully selected BIO ingredients and billions of scientifically validated live active cultures.
Wild Blueberry Powder (Bilberry)
Blueberries are rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanin, vitamins A, C, E, B, copper, selenium, iron.
Organic rice cakes 110g
Lestello organic rice cakes are made of 100% organic brown rice. Brown rice is unpolished, hence, unlike white rice, it has much more beneficial properties for our body than whole grains. Rice cakes contain complex carbohydrates, which are one of the main sources of energy in human nutrition. They are also a valuable source of fiber, which supports the work of the digestive system and which, swelling in the stomach, keeps the feeling of satiety for longer. For this reason, it is recommended to everyone who wants to keep a slim figure. Rice cakes do not contain gluten, so they can be eaten by people suffering from celiac disease and following a gluten-free diet. Rice cakes are an ideal snack, especially for active people. They successfully replace traditional bread, it is easy to satisfy hunger between meals.