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Organic Wholemeal Biscuits Shiitake & Apple & Turmeric
Wholemeal vegan biscuits with Shiitake & turmeric & apple, sweetened only with coconut sugar and without yeast. 100% whole wheat.
Organic corn flips for children
Tasty crisp organic puffed maize, delicious, gluten-free and vegan!
Organic Breadsticks with Shiitake covered by Dark chocolate 80%
Wholemeal breadsticks with Shiitake, covered with dark chocolate cocoa minimum 80%.
Beanny Chips Protein
Through a new technology called "air popped system”, we use high temperatures and pressure to "POP" starch contained inside vegetables (like popcorn). In this way, we create crunchy snacks with 80% less fat compared to traditional fried crisps on the market. Our chips have less than 7% fat, are high in protein content, high in fiber content, Organic, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Vegan and, of course, delicious.
Organic Lentil Snacks
Vegan and organic crunchy lentil snacks, available with roasted peanuts, onion and pepper or in a lightly salted version. Lentil is worth incorporating into our diet, because its fiber content is significant, therefore it can contribute to the proper functioning of digestion and is an excellent source of protein. The product is gluten-free, so those suffering from coeliac disease can also consume it. Shelf life: 7-10 months.
BIO fermented plant-based drink from green buckwheat
Fermentful natural plant-based probiotic drink is made using only carefully selected BIO ingredients and billions of scientifically validated live active cultures.
Indian Sauce
Tasty curry sauce: a surprising pleasure!
Excellence features
Biobontà® classic mayonnaise’s delicate flavour and its pleasantly creamy texture is enriched by an intense and extraordinary taste of curry. The result is a vibrant and harmonious sauce that will give your taste buds new delightful sensations of taste leaving you speechless!
Food combination
It combines well with white and red meats along with boiled eggs. It is also perfect to dress chicken and cold rice salads.
Pistachio Cream in brick
Try to think of a lactose-free and naturally gluten-free product, with unique taste and creaminess without needing a slushing machine to prepare it. No more problems with consumption and repairs due to the slushing machine, with considerable savings in cost, space and time, as you no longer need to clean any equipment! Our creams are immediately ready to use and creamy to pour directly from the UHT Brick to the glass. Perfect to enjoy alone or as an ingredient for desserts.
Lo Bello Baby biscuits gluten free
Baby biscuits from 4th month, gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free, palm oil-free, no nuts, no preservatives, vegan.
BIO fermented plant-based drink from green buckwheat, dark chocolate
Fermentful dark chocolate plant-based probiotic drink is made using only carefully selected BIO ingredients and billions of scientifically validated live active cultures. Drink is free from gluten, dairy and soy with 100% clean ingredient list. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Fermentful is a delicious way to take care of your gut health on a daily basis.