Industrial Partnership Service with Japan for EU GNSS application and receiver makers

1. Introduction

* Do you want to develop business in Japan?
* Do you want to export your existing GNSS services and solutions to the Japanese market?
* Are you looking for Japanese technology partners to co-develop new applications?
* Are you looking for Japanese R&D partners for a joint development project?

If yes, GNSS.Japan can help you identify potential partners in Japan through the GNSS.Japan Industrial Partnership Service.

2. How does the service work (for EU organizations)?

To start using the service, fill in the Business profile of Entreprise Europe Network available here.

Your partnership application form should describe the nature of your requested partnership in Japan. For example, what product / services does your organization want to buy/sell? what kind of partnership do you expect to build? Which target segment(s) (R&D, sales, after-service maintenance, etc..) do to wish to engage in?

The GNSS.Japan team shall then disseminate your partnership application profile to its wide network of contacts in the Japanese GNSS industry, as well as through the industrial trade fairs in Japan which GNSS.Japan plans to attend, according to the planned calendar below (let us know if you have other events of interest which you believe could be valuable to expand the dissemination of your profile):

Event name



Geospatial Expo 2014

GNSS applications for PPP, GIS and survey, mapping, environmental monitoring, disaster management.

In Tokyo, Odaiba.

Japan IT Week - 4th Smartphone and Mobile Expo Autunm 2014

GNSS applications in mobile and smartphone

In Chiba, Makuhari Messe.

IT Agriculture forum - Build new agribusiness big profit with IT

GNSS applications in agriculture

Organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

GNSS.Asia Japan Seminar (29 May 2014)

Promotion of EU-Japan industrial partnerships in GNSS Applications and receivers.

In Tokyo, EU Delegation

30th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science


In Kobe.

3rd Connected Car Japan

GNSS applications in automobile, ITS and car navigation systems

In Tokyo Big Sight.

Interop Tokyo 2014

Hardware and IT electronics for embedded systems.

In Chiba, Makuhari Messe


Location Business Japan 2014

For LBS and Japanese technology using QZSS.

In Chiba, Makuhari Messe

CEATEC Japan 2014

Consumer electronics makers, receiver manufacturers, navigation-related and LBS applications showcase

In Makuhari.


Japan Aerospace 2016

GNSS technologies infrastructure and solutions sold on the JP market.

In Tokyo Big Sight



3. Follow up from Japan

The GNSS.Japan team will regularly monitor expressions of interest in Japan resulting of the dissemination of partnership profiles. In the event of a positive expression of interest in Japan, the GNSS.Japan team will liaise back with the EU organization and propose to exchange contact information with the potential partners in Japan, for a direct follow-up.

4. Terms of use of the GNSS.Asia Japan Industrial Partnership Service

Service Provision

1. GNSS.Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the provider”) offers the industrial partnership service, which is aimed at helping EU and Japanese firms and R&D organizations (hereinafter referred to as “the clients”) identify and develop partnerships.

Scope of use

2. The service applies exclusively to clients who can demonstrate a current involvement in the user segment of GNSS focused on applications and receivers. The use of the industrial partnership service is free of charge.

3. The industrial partnership service specifically offers the possibility for EU clients (respectively Japanese clients) to identify potential partners in Japan (respectively in the EU), by asking the clients to fill in a partnership application form, with the intention to either offer or request a given product / service / technology, which constitutes the base of a future partnership discussion.

Dissemination of information

4. The provider will disseminate the client’s partnership application profile through the GNSS.Japan contacts, networks, trade fairs, relevant websites and other dissemination tools to search for potential partners.

Provider’s disclaimer policy

5. The client pledges to fill in the partnership application form in good faith, with information considered correct, which the client agrees to supply at the request of a potential partner. The provider is not responsible for the quality and contents of the information included in the partnership application form and profile.

6. The provider will only disseminate the client’s partnership application profile with the full consent of the client.

7. The client understands that using the industrial partnership service may not necessarily result in expressions of interest by potential partners.

8. The provider will always ask clients for prior consent before sharing contact information.

9. Potential partners who have expressed an interest in a client’s partnership application profile will be asked to exchange their contact information with the client in order to pursue direct contact for partnership discussions.

10. The provider pledges to have no interest and no direct involvement in any particular client’s business during the partnership service search.

11. The information, contents of partnership application forms, and any supporting documented material posted on the provider’s websites are not intended to serve as advice on which reliance should be placed by any client or potential partner in making (or refraining from making) any decisions regarding its own business or other business, which clients or potential partners intend to initiate based on the information available on the provider’s websites.

12. The provider disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from the reliance placed on documented material available on the provider’s websites by any visitor to the provider’s websites or by anyone who may be informed of contents of the provider’s websites.

13. Under no circumstance shall the provider, or any other party involved in the industrial partnership service offered by the provider, be held liable to clients, potential partners or any third party related to clients and potential partners, for any subsequent loss or damage that may arise as a result of using the industrial partnership service.

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