At the end of 2013, the Centre was appointed as the National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 in Japan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. This service started in April 2014 and provides local support towards participants in Horizon 2020.

Its main tasks are to disseminate information on the Horizon 2020 programme in Japanese via its portal site for Horizon 2020 and handouts, such as an overview of Horizon 2020 Programme, call information, reference documents and success stories of Horizon 2020 project participation. The NCP also promotes participation to Horizon 2020 through dissemination seminars and public events such as exhibitions and trade fairs.

Direct support of researchers, research organizations, and industry in Japan for their participation to Horizon 2020 is provided through:

  • Help desk service: guidance on choosing relevant H2020 topics and types of action, advice on administrative procedures and contractual issues, assistance in partner search
  • Provision of Japanese translations of key documents necessary for administrative staff of the research organizations

The main target of the service are researchers and industry within Japan. However, within the available time and resources, we also provide relevant information researchers outside of Japan in order to facilitate EU-Japan cooperation. The NCP in Japan is collaborating with the JEUPISTE project, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in Japan and Euraxess Links Japan.

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