September 21





EU-Japan Lean Summit: Driving Improvement and Competitiveness in a Digital Age

On 21 September 2017, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (EUJC) organised the first EU-Japan Lean Summit to analyse how digital developments (AI / IoT, etc.) can be combined with traditional lean improvement techniques and industry 4.0 / society 5.0 approaches to drive improvement and create new ways of operating, new products / services and existing offerings.

The Summit took the form of a roundtable discussion. Participants were senior executives from EU and Japanese industry and the EU and Japanese Authorities. They discussed what European and Japanese firms saw as key issues and challenges and how to support the understanding of policy-makers and peers.

The Summit combined short presentations as to what each participant’s company is doing, with moderated discussions. It identified challenges and possible solutions for business in relation to commercial, competitiveness, technological (industry 4.0 / society 5.0, big data, machine-to-machine, etc.) and global factors. It also facilitated a sharing of cutting-edge European and Japanese approaches and experiences in driving improvement and best-practice and will consider how to help SMEs become more competitive and how industry and public authorities can work together to promote industrial competitiveness in this digital age.


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