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Japanese central government organisations often issue tender calls for commissioned international survey research on a wide variety of topics, some of which might also be of interest to European-based research companies. The following is an example of this type of surveys commissioned by the Cabinet Office.  The call is published under the WTO GPA regulations which ensures equal treatment of both Japanese and foreign bidders.

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Tender title

“Comparative International awareness survey on societies with declining birth rate (Japan, France, Sweden, UK)”

Publication date

June 8, 2015


July 29, 2015 12:00 (JST)

Tender type

WTO, open competitive tender

Tender evaluation method

Overall greatest value (If bidder meets all conditions, marking of in-house technical skills listed in submitted documents and bidding price)

Supplier qualification

Unified Supplier Qualification: A,B or C (Survey – Research)

Inquiry about specifications

Cabinet Office – Children and Child-raising office (Declining birth-rate measure office, Mr./Ms. Asai, Mr./Ms.  Matsumoto

Tel: +81-(0)35253-2111 ext. 38331


The continuing low birth-rate in Japan is regarded as an major issue for the vitality and future of the country and requires a comprehensive approach from terms of policy, systems and change of mind-set.  For this reason, every 5 years an international comparative study on the views on personal independence, marriage and child rearing is conducted, comparing Japan and a number of countries abroad. The survey has been conducted twice in the past in  2005 and 2010 and aims to promote future policies to deal with declining birth rate issues.


Survey-target: Adults between 20-49 in Japan, France, Sweden and UK

Sample-size: More than 700 in each country

Survey content: Views regarding marriage, child-bearing, child-raising, social support and life, totalling 50 items (34 same as previous editions, 16 new)

Method and sampling:


Japan: individual interviews done by investigators

Others: Individual interviews by local investigators

Sampling: Japan: two-stage stratified random sampling from basic residents register, 100 locations

Others: Quota sampling

Report deadline: March 2016


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