Clean Energy Sector in Japan-An analysis on Investment and Industrial Cooperation Opportunities for EU SMEs   Stijn Lambrecht (2013 – I)
Government Procurement in Japan Obstacles and opportunities for European SMEs   Lyckle Griek (2013 – II)
Prospects for the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership – a Global Multi-Level and SWOT Analysis   César de Prado (2014 - I)
Japanese Nanotech Cluster and Industry Landscape (Additional document: Interactive Map of the Nanotech Cluster and Industry landscape in Japan) Andrej Zagar (2014 - I)
Solar PV Market and Industry in Japan – Opportunities for European SME   Edgar Hahn (2014 - I)
Business partnership opportunities and technology transfer in the Space sector between EU and Japan (Additional document: Presentation on Space sector - EU-Japan Business and Technology Cooperation Potential) Veronica La Regina (2014 - II)
Japanese Cosmetics Market. Obstacles and Opportunities for European SMEs   Erwan Rannou (2014 - II)
Technology Transfer System in Japan - Challenges and Opportunities for European SMEs   Luca Escoffier (2014 - II)
Digital Economy in Japan and the EU - an Assessment of the Common Challenges and the Collaboration Potential (Additional document: Japan ICT Market Entry and Business Development Guide for European Companies) Marcin Lenkiewicz (2014 - II)
Tokyo Smart City Development in Perspective of 2020 Olympics - Opportunities for EU-Japan Cooperation and Business Development   Clarisse Pham (2014 - II)
EU-Japan Industrial Cooperation and Business Potential in the Defense Sector– Opportunities for European SMEs (Internal report - please contact the Centre)   Jérôme Camier (2014 - II)
Creation and update of a guide on importers, buyers and wholesale distributors in Japan for the promotion of EU-Japan SME partnerships (Additional document: Presentation on the Brief Guide for European Companies on Importers and Wholesale Distributors in Japan (food and wine; ICT; medical devices sectors) Alice Tomaskova (2015 - I)
Recycling and waste management industry and market in Japan - Opportunities for European Companies (SMEs focus) (Additional document: Presentation on Waste Management and Recycling in Japan - Opportunities for EU SMEs) Christine Yolin (2015 - I)
EEN Japan - Strategy for expansion and effectiveness (Internal report - please contact the Centre)   Lena Muxfeldt (2015 - I)
Defence and Security - Industry & Market In Japan - Opportunities for European companies in five dual-use areas: Maritime security equipment, Unmanned vehicles, Aeronautic platform integration, Sensors and Avionics (Internal report - please contact the Centre)   Jérôme Camier (2015 - I)
Ceramic Products Market in Japan-Challenges and opportunities for European SMEs   Sonia Pupaza (2015 - II)
Demand analysis on Japan's market in the decommissioning of the nuclear plant   Marc Schmittem (2015 - II)
Human Assistant Robotics in Japan - Challenges and Opportunities for European Companies (Additional document) Dana Neumann (2015 - II)
The Japanese Ministry of Defense's equipment acquisition processes and policies – Is it becoming more accessible to european suppliers? (Internal report - please contact the Centre)   Jérôme Camier (2015 - II)
The microalgae/biomass industry in Japan - an assessment of cooperation and business potential with european companies. (Additional document : Most relevant EU stakeholders (40) on microalgae and products derived from microalgal biomass) Manuel Herrador (2016 - I)
Hydro, tidal and wave energy in Japan - Business, research and technological cooperation opportunities for European companies.   Guillaume Hennequin (2016 - I)
Wind energy in Japan: technological cooperation and business potential for European Companies (Additional document : WTG industry related players in Japan) Ines Heger (2016 - I)
Space Industry business opportunities in Japan: Analysis on the market potential for EU SMEs involved in the earth observation products and services (Research plan) Ryuichi Dunphy - Sato (2016 - I)
Market opportunities for EU agribusinesses in the context of the EU-Japan EPA (Additional documents: Presentation on Market opportunities for EU agribusinesses in the context of the EU-Japan EPA (PDF) / Audio file) William Fournel (2017-1)
Opportunities for Cooperation between EU and Japan on Biotechnology in Healthcare: Japan Bioventures Landscape   Esther Rodergas (2017-2)
Photonics for life science and industrial manufacturing, business and cooperation opportunities in Japan (Additional documents: the list of companies & organisations (.xls) and the list of events (.xls) mentioned in the report / the recorded session of the webinar held on the 4th of June 2018) Šarūnas Vaškelis (2017-2)
Opportunities for venture firms, universities, and research institutes in the EU to conduct knowledge transfer with Japanese counterparts in nine digital technology areas    Toru Kodama (2017-2)
The dairy sector in Japan: Market access and business opportunities for European companies (Additional document: podcast recorded session) Paul Van der Plas (2018-1)
Solar energy, energy storage and virtual power plants in Japan (Additional document: the recorded session of the webinar held on the 18th of January 2019) Jonathan Arias (2018-1)
Blockchain in Japan (Additional document: the recorded session of the webinar held on the 14th of January 2019) Marta González (2018-1)
EPA guide aimed at Japanese importers of European products   Julien Lemaître (2018-2)
Opportunities in Industrial and R&D cooperation potential for European SMEs in Japan in NewSpace   Helen Tung (2018-2)
The Country-of-Origin Effect in Japan (Additional document: podcast recorded session) Paul Van der Plas (2018-2) 
Hydrogen and fuel cells in Japan (Additional document: podcast recorded session) Jonathan Arias (2019-1)
Artificial intelligence in Japan and Opportunities for European Companies  

(Additional document: podcast recorded session)

"The development of AI in Japan" in Open Access Government

Guillermo Garcia (2019-1)
Analysis of opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan‘s Data Economy and Artificial Intelligence in connection with Robotics

(Additional document: podcast recorded session)

"The rapid growth of AI in Japan" in Open Access Government

Agnieszka Kuczyńska (2019-1)
EU-Japan Cluster & Region Cooperation (Additional document: podcast recorded session ) Réka Lóczi (2019-2)
Research and list-up Access to funding and financing Support for EU SME’s Internationalization to Japan  (Additional document: podcast recorded session ) Joana Vaz (2019-2)
Analysis of EU-Japan Business Cooperation in Third Countries  (Additional document: podcast recorded session ) Masami Marbot (2019-2)
Japan's Circularity Additional document: podcast recorded session Helene Bangert (2020-1)
EU-Japan Business Cooperation in third markets - Focus on the Digital Economy   Florence Arnu (2020-1)

Space safety, security and defence in Japan (Internal report - please contact the Centre)

  Aron Lentsch (2020-1)
Post-Pandemic Industries: Opportunities for EU and Japanese businesses in adapting together, to a post Covid-19 world   Paul van der Plas (2020-2)



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弊センター専務理事・田辺靖雄による寄稿文が、U.S.-Japan Counsilのニュースレターに掲載されました U.S.-Japan Counsilは8月31日および9月1日、「…
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