EU-Japan Centre's Events Digest - March 2021

Get an overview of everything the EU-Japan Centre is doing in March 2021! (subject to changes)




March 1

IP Challenges for the Green Deal (EU Industry Days)

March 2

Webinar 165: Smart Farming technology in Japan and Opportunities for EU Companies

March 3

Export to Japan 15: Markets, Distribution System and Sales Channels for B2B and B2C

March 4

Japan-EU EPA practical business webinar with a Q & A format - How to utilize the EPA

March 4

Ultrasonic Imaging Technology for Road Pavement Inspection

March 8 -12

World Class Manufacturing online mission

March 9

Webinar on sustainable financing

March 9

Webinar 166: The Market for Biogas Plants in Japan and Opportunities for EU Companies

March 10

Export to Japan 16: Trade Shows and Due Diligence - Finding Business Partners

March 10-16

Japanese Food & Beverage Days

March 10

EPA 2 years later – expectation and reality

Organised by the BE-LUX chamber of commerce in Japan (+ Centre intervention)

March 11

Japan’s 2020 space policy plan – update and opportunities for EU industries

March 11

Cross-cultural online workshop: Auvergne Rhone-Alpes (France)

March 16

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 32: Processed Agricultural Products

March 17

How to enter the EU and Japanese markets with your startup/SME

March 17

EU Japan Regional Good Practices webinar: Osaka/BioX Clusters  

March 18

The EU and Japan: A New Way Forward – Industrial transition towards green and digital economy

March 22-25

BioEurope Spring 2021 mission

March 23

Webinar 167: The Olive Oil market in Japan

March 25

Webinar 168: EU-Japan.AI Project (H2020)

March 25

Export Support Online Workshop : Food Sector (Estonia)

March 25

Lean Café: lean (public) services

March 25

Masterclass workshop: Public Procurement in Japan

March 30

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 33: Tariff Rate Quotas

End of March

EU Japan Regional Cooperation Helpdesk webinar: Kanagawa Prefecture – Oulu City (Finland)

Not online yet

12-13 April 2021

EU Japan Regional Cooperation Helpdesk Conference & Matchmaking

Not online yet

EU-Japan Centre's News

弊センター専務理事・田辺靖雄による寄稿文が、U.S.-Japan Counsilのニュースレターに掲載されました U.S.-Japan Counsilは8月31日および9月1日、「…
弊センター専務理事・田辺靖雄による外部講演(日米財界人会議、エネルギー・インフラ分科会) 10月1日(水)日本時間午前、日米経済協議会が主催する「日米財界人会議」の分科会である「エネルギー・…
  去る6月24日、当センターは独立行政法人 経済産業研究所(RIETI)と共催で、ウェビナー「カーボンニュートラルに向けて:日・EU産業界・制度の挑戦」を開催しました。…


26/10/2021 - 27/10/2021
プログラム最新版はこちら(CLICK)  ”Think global, act local”。日本やヨーロッパでは、地域のステークホルダー(産業クラスター、自治体、地域、都道府県)が脱炭素化の最前線にいます。そして地域経済エコシステム(※)は、グリーン経済への移行を積極的に推進していくのに適した立場にあり、国内外の他の地域経済エコシステムと連携・協働し、取組み範囲を拡大しています。  …


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