JTPP Helpdesk Thematic Report on PP and Circular Economy

The first JTPP Helpdesk Thematic Report on Public Procurement and Circular Economy is now available! 

The first thematic report looks further into the topic of 'Circular Economy and public procurement' in Japan, and gives an overview of  Green Public Procurement (GPP) activities.   The Report provides an outline of of Green Procurement and Green Contracting regulation as well introducing tender activities in services such as waste processing.  Also included are a selection of tenders found recently, similar to those presented in the Weekly Tender Digest, that might be opportunities for EU SMEs to pursue.

Part of the Report is available online in the Helpdesk's Thematic Reports section.  If you wish to receive the full report, please register in our Ask-the-Expert section.


 JTPP Helpdesk will organize an online webinar on June 30, 10:30-11:30 CET to discuss the Report. To register please click here.


Upcoming reports

JTPP Helpdesk strives to provide you with a Thematic Report every two months. For this year, we have reports on the following topics scheduled, where we will look at from a public procurement perspective.  

  • August 2021:Digital Economy
  • September 2021:Agri-food sector
  • December 2021: Aerospace
  • February 2022:  Transportation & Mobility
  • April 2022:Research & Development

If you would like us to focus on a certain area of your interest, we are always happy to receive your suggestions.

(Last update: June 7, 2021)

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