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The Lean in Europe physical visit to PakMarkas in Vilnius (Lithuania), will take place on Thursday 29 & Friday 30 September 2022.

Click here for news about the visit, click here for information about PakMarkas.

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This on-site physical visit will include an introduction to PakMarkas and its production processes, a Gemba visit, a genuine practical problem-solving exercise (you will be asked to study part of the process and brainstorm ideas to resolve an issue PakMarkas would like the group to address), and a pre-visit group discussion and dinner.

If you would like to apply for a place, please complete this application form no later than 24 July. For the terms and conditions please refer to the main Lean in Europe webpage.

Given the competitive nature of the process, and the limited number of places, not everyone who applies will get a place. You should NOT book any flights or hotel stays until you have received an email from the EU-Japan Centre confirming that you have been allocated a place on the activity. Anyone who does make such bookings now, does so at their own risk. Even after places have been confirmed, should the EU-Japan Centre have to postpone / cancel / restrict participation for coronavirus-related reasons, the EU-Japan Centre cannot be held liable to refund your travel / accommodation / other costs.

Whilst your company is welcome to apply for more than one place, depending upon the numbers of places available and suitable applicants, the EU-Japan Centre may limit places to one per company.

This will be a two-day visit (first day: evening pre-meeting and group dinner; day two: company presentations, gemba visits, problem-solving exercise and de-briefing).

Any questions? Please e-mail lean@eu-japan.eu or call +32 2 282 0047.


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Please note: we recommend using Vilnius (VNO) airport. After the visit ends, there will be a coach to transfer all participants who will be flying out of VNO that evening.

We realise that you may decide to change the mode of transport, but it would be helpful to know your current expectations. Please only give information for the final part of your journey, so if you are planning to fly into a different airport and to drive a hire car to Vilnius, please select "By car".
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Please click on the "Submit" button. A copy of your application will then be sent to the EU-Japan Centre and a copy will be sent to the work email address you gave.

Before you submit it you can preview your application by clicking on the red printer icon at the bottom of the screen.

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