Topics covered in the October issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Municipalities Selected for Promoting Inward FDI・Winners of the FY 2018 Awards for Resources Recirculation Technologies and Systems Selected・Winners in the Eighth Robot Awards Program Announced・Interim Report on New Mobility Services Brought About by IoT and AI Released・METI to Launch Study Group on Encouraging Japanese Companies to Address International Initiatives on Climate Change
Topics covered in the September issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Joint Team for Promoting Exports of Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foods Determines Their Future Efforts・Conference of the Cabinet Office and Ministries Responsible for Measures for Mid-ranking Companies Held
Topics covered in the April issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI Compiles Future Policy for Automobile Industry・METI Study Group Released a Report on the Introduction of Digital Technologies into Lifestyle Products
Topics covered in the March issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI and JACDS to Make Drug Stores Smarter with RFID
Topics covered in the February issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・JPO to Expand Cooperation with WIPO・METI to Establish the Consortium for Supporting Young Designers
Topics covered in the January issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・New Program for Advancing the Comprehensive Distribution Policy Decided・Grand Prix Winner of the Japan Healthcare Business Contest Selected・Winners of the 7th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award Announced・World's First Test of Expressway Traveling of CACC-mounted Trucks in a Caravan with Drivers in the Second and Following Trucks Launched