Topics covered in the August issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI Established Study Group on Japanese Overseas M&A・Winners of the METI Minister Awards Determined as Recipients of the Connected Innovations Grand Awards・Winners of the Award for Academic Startups 2017 SelectedSURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA・Working Conditions in the IT-related Industry CompiledCOMPANY NEWS・Japan Weather Association Starts Forecasting Electricity Spot Price
Topics covered in the July issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Adding Driving Condition to Fuel Efficiency Indications for Passenger Vehicle Becomes Necessary・METI Announces Revision of the Standards for Pictograms・Using Purchase Data by Electronic Receipt
Topics covered in the June issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Report on the New Industrial Structure Vision was Published・A Study Group for Ideal Approaches to Competition Policies for the 4th Industrial Revolution Compiles a Report・Round Table Conference on "Connected Industries" Held with METI Minister・Contract Guidelines on Data Utilization Rights ver. 1.0 Formulated・IP5 Offices Agree on New Vision for Further Cooperation
Topics covered in the May issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・"FinTech Vision", the First Comprehensive Policy Recommendations on FinTech Presented・Study Group for Policy Issues on the Future of Renewable Energy Holds its First Meeting・Agricultural Data Platform Will Be Constructed in Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration・10 Regional Brands Selected for Overseas Promotion
Topics covered in the April issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・The IP System Study Group Published a Report to Cope with the 4th Industrial Revolution・Report on the Long-term Global Warming Countermeasures Published・Interim Report for Promoting "Safety Support Car" Published・Promoting Electronic Tags at Convenience Stores
Topics covered in the February issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Guidebook for Utilization of Camera Images Formulated・Scope of Applications for Trademark Registration Entitled to the Accelerated Examination/Appeal Examination Systems Expanded・A New "Fukudzukuri 4.0" Project Started on an Existing IT Platform・Winners of the 3rd Nippon Venture Awards Announced
Topics covered in the January issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・A Study Group on Competition Policies in Relation to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Established・The Working Group for the Standardization of Credit Card Data Compiled a Report
Topics covered on the December issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI Compiles an Illustrated Guide on Handbook for Trade Secret Protection・Business Succession Guidelines Formulated・JPO-ROSPATENT Cooperation to Advance in the Field of Industrial PropertySURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA・MHLW Annual Survey Reveals More Companies to Raise Wages than Previous YearCOMPANY NEWS・Unicharm to Start Experiment of Recycling Used Diapers・Honda and Waymo Enter Discussions on Technical Collaboration of Fully Self-…
Topics covered on the November issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWSJPO Creates World's First Patent Classification for IoT-based TechnologiesRoad Maps for Developing Eco Cars, Smart Community, etc. AnnouncedGuideline for Enhancing Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Activities FormulatedSURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA95% of Renewable Power Is SolarAnnual Report on Energy Supply and Demand PublishedADDITIONAL TOPICS

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Researcher, Environment & Energy Research Division
Director of Trade & Agriculture, OECD
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28-09-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CETWhat are the opportunities for the EU SMEs in the Japanese frozen food and ice cream market?Over time, Japan’s frozen food market is showing a growing trend. However,…
29-09-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CET What are the procurement activities of Japanese government entities in support of the development of the digital economy and does this offer opportunities for EU SMEs…