Topics covered on the October issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWSJapan and the United States Conclude MOU for IoT CooperationMETI Announces Winners of the FY 2016 Awards for Resources Recirculation Technologies and SystemsCreating New Technologies in FukushimaMETI Announces Winners of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) AwardsNew Qualification System for IT Security Provider IntroducedImproving the Competitiveness of Renewable PowerCOMPANY NEWS
Topics covered on the September issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS20 Content Technologies Chosen as "Innovative Technologies of 2016"Winners of "Kids' Design Award" AnnouncedModel Plans under the "Craft Meet" Project SelectedSakai City Wins Grand Prize of Sewage and Wastewater ManagementStrategy for Energy Conservation Technology FormulatedWinners of the "Travel Mine Japan" Project AnnouncedSURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA
Topics covered on the August issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS2016 White Paper on Information and Communications Features IoT, Big Data and AIOutstanding IoT-based Projects SelectedAction Plan for Industry-Academia-Government Initiatives on HRD in Science and Technology CompiledWinners of the Second FY2016 Demonstration Project for the Introduction of Robots AnnouncedOperation of the "Omotenashi Standard Certification" System to StartSURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA
Topics covered on the July issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS
Topics covered on the June issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS -Advisory Committee for Geothermal Resources Development Established - Overseas IP Litigation Insurance Scheme Established for SMEs - JR Kyushu Wins the Prime Minister's Prize of the First Nihon Service Award - Interim Report toward a "Vision for the Sports Industry" Released SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA - METI Study Reveals the Scale of the Shortage of IT Human Resources - Bankruptcies in Photovoltaic Sector Show an Increasing Trend -…
Topics covered on the May 2016 issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS- Successful Reduction of Returned Food and Food Loss through Better Demand Forecast- Results of the Support for the Introduction of Robots Compiled- Strategy for Taking the Lead in the 4th Industrial Revolution Published- Japan-Germany Cooperation on IoT/Industrie 4.0 Announced- Report compiled on the Future Direction of the Active Use of Big Data in the Distribution and Logistics Field- Police Adopted Guidelines for Testing…
Topics covered on the April 2016 issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS- METI to Start Discussion on New Trends Brought about by Biotechnology- Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Revised- The Road Map for EVs and PHVs Dissemination Compiled- METI Releases a Report by the Study Group on the Provision of Nursing Care Services- IoT Acceleration Lab Started Calling for New Projects for the Second IoT Lab Selection SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA
Topics covered on the February 2016 issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS- METI and Fukushima Prefecture Conclude an Agreement on the Development and Operation of Robot Testing Fields- SMEA Compiles an Export Support Handbook for SMEsSURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA- Japan's Population Shrinks for the First Time- Agricultural Export Recorded Historical High in 2015- Number of SMEs and Micro Businesses Remains Stable
LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWSAnnouncement of the Second Nippon Venture Award WinnersSMEA Compiles Guidebook on Overseas Risk Management for SMEsMETI Publishes the Report of the Study Group on "Internal Globalization"SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATABusiness Forecasting Remains Strong in Environment SectorRecord Number of Foreign Residents Living in JapanJPO Surveys Losses Caused by CounterfeitingTOPICSEBRD Opens New Office in Tokyo
Topics covered on the January 2016 issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS- METI Starts Open Data Demonstration for the Revitalization of the Service Industry- METI Compiles Roadmap for Net Zero Energy House (ZEH)- First GI Protected Products AnnouncedSURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA- Annual Foreign Visitors Hit Record High- Imported Vehicle Sales Down 2.2% in 2015

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Researcher, Environment & Energy Research Division
Director of Trade & Agriculture, OECD
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28-09-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CETWhat are the opportunities for the EU SMEs in the Japanese frozen food and ice cream market?Over time, Japan’s frozen food market is showing a growing trend. However,…
29-09-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CET What are the procurement activities of Japanese government entities in support of the development of the digital economy and does this offer opportunities for EU SMEs…