Eligibility & selection 


MINERVA is a 6-month research programme in which European and Japanese experts support the research activities of the EU-Japan Centre and engage in the policy and market analysis of EU-Japan economic and industrial issues. For more details, please refer to the "What is MINERVA?" page.



MINERVA is not:

´        a scientific / engineering fellowship

´        a postdoctoral fellowship

´        an internship programme


Who can apply to MINERVA?

The minimum requirements are: EU / COSME or Japanese citizenship, university degree, strong interest and motivation in Japan and EU-Japan relations. Please check the precise requirements and how to apply on the "How to Apply" page.


Do I have to speak Japanese to apply?

Japanese language is not a requirement but Japanese language abilities, as well as professional experience in Japan will be valued in the evaluation process.


I am a national from a non-EU country studying/working in the EU, can I apply?

Applications are only open to EU, COSME or Japanese nationals. Applicants will be asked to submit proof of their citizenship if they are selected.


I am a student, can I apply to MINERVA as part of my degree's mandatory internship?

MINERVA is a programme aimed at professionals. The EU-Japan Centre will not sign university internship agreements as part of MINERVA.


Can I continue my current job while participating to MINERVA?

MINERVA is a full-time, in-house research programme. We ask of participants to have no other professional commitment.


Can I propose a topic which is not part of the priority topics list?

Yes, if it is in line with the Centre's priorities and it is relevant to your background.

IS IT possible to apply to more than one topic in the same slot?

Yes, it is possible to submit several applications for a single slot.

How do you evaluate candidates?

We evaluate candidates based on the relevance of the topic to the Centre and Japan, the quality of draft, the match between candidate and topic, the ability to synergize with activities of the Centre and Japanese language abilities.  

Moving to Japan & visa

Does the EU-Japan Centre help in getting a visa for Japan?

The EU-Japan Centre will provide assistance and necessary documents for selected experts to obtain a visa for Japan.


If I am chosen as a MINERVA expert, will the EU-Japan Centre support me in finding accomodation?

The EU-Japan Centre does not have any agreements with housing companies but can assist in providing information regarding accomodation.


Does the EU-Japan Centre cover expenses for relocation to Japan if I come from abroad?

Participants coming from abroad will receive a travel subsidy of up to 1000 EUR to reimburse their plane tickets.


Money matters

when will I get paid?

The payment of the grant will be made in three installments throughout the programme.


Is my income as part of the MINERVA programme subject to tax?

The grant is exempted from tax.



Will participating to MINERVA help me find a job?

While the Centre does not hire staff through MINERVA, participation to the programme may help in widening the expert's professional network in Japan and provide a valuable professional experience.


For any other questions, please contact minerva@eu-japan.or.jp



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