The below list refers to the 1st slot 2021 - (June - November 2021 session). 

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Healthcare delivery in ageing societies: perspectives for the EU and Japan industrial cooperation in the flourishing  “silver economy”

Given its rapidly aging population, Japan has proactively encouraged healthcare innovation through various measures and frameworks on a national and international scale. The research will look into opportunities for cooperation in the healthcare sector between the EU and Japan. As the EU's own ageing society is not far behind Japan, it will also identify learning from Japan's experience, and cooperating on industrial aspects relating to demographic challenges, in particular “agetech”: technology making comfortable longevity accessible to all – adding years to life and life to years


Capacity building measures in Japanese Clusters and Prefectures for future economic cooperation with their EU counterparts

With the recent launch of the EU-Japan Regional Cooperation Helpdesk, the EU-Japan Centre is reinforcing its activities on cooperation at local level, in particular clusters, regions and prefectures. The research will analyse the current Japanese capacity building measures and the opportunities they provide for European regions, clusters and businesses willing to access the Japanese market.


Survey of European SMEs already cooperating with Japanese businesses to analyse the opportunities and challenges they face in exploiting these partnerships in third markets

Highlighted by several reports, conferences and surveys, EU-Japan business cooperation in third markets, e.g. ASEAN or Africa, is an important  trend among EU companies present in Japan, but it mainly concerned until now the large ones, not the SMEs. The envisage work will include the preparation and implementation of survey among European SMEs to understand the bottleneck and problems as well as the possible options to facilitate the participation of SMEs in the EU-Japan business cooperation in third market.


Analysis on the impact of the digital revolution in Japan

Digitalization is fundamentally changing the EU and Japan economy and our society. The study will analyse how it drives entrepreneurial innovation, productivity, and regional economic growth in Japan. Digital technologies are also changing the ways in which firms do business and interact with their customers and suppliers. The report will also aim at understanding this digital transformation and how this “revolution”, triggered and accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic can impact EU-Japan industrial cooperation, including the virtualization of the EU-Japan Centre activities with the objective to do more, with less and for more SMEs.


Improving the EU-Japan Centre's communication towards EU and Japanese businesses

Communication is undergoing a big change in the digital age. The study will look at how to communicate better with businesses in Europe and in Japan, reach the right SMEs at the appropriate time, get across a new technology or a business partnership, think visually, not just in written form, share information and add value via infographic, videos and images to reach out to business peers and prospective customers.



Note 1: COSME countries refer to the EU 28 Members States plus the following list



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