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Our Services - Your Company Commitment

Although the great majority of the Network professional services* are free of charges for Japanese or EU organisations, we do ask your company to commit to the following conditions:

Key contact:

To provide a key contact person who has the time, influence and resource to ensure that the organisation can take part in the business support process (such as finding a key contact, a potential partner, technology transfer etc.)

Technology :

To confirm that the description of the technology offered/requested is correct, and that all company information provided is accurate and up to date.

Financial Capability:

To confirm that your company has the financial ability to fund costs relating to discussions, negotiations and any costs relating to visiting potential European partners.  These costs are likely to be incurred as partnership discussions progress.


To evaluate all potential business contacts promptly and respond as quickly and courteously as is reasonable.


To keep us informed of the progress of any contacts/negotiations
(N.B.  If you require advice on the issues which may arise during such discussions we can help).


To keep us informed of any changes in your business/role/technology.


If or when negotiations have been concluded, to sign a simple business cooperation or technology transfer agreement document outlining the assistance of the Enterprise Europe Network partner (the EU-Japan Centre) (N.B. Confidential if required).

In return the EU-Japan Centre will:


Promote your organisation's profile to the Enterprise Europe Network database as long as your profile is entered with all the necessary information required.


Keep you informed of correspondence from third parties, and regularly update you.


Not disclose your contact details to third parties without your prior consent, and provide a confidentiality agreement if appropriate.


Reply to any communication from you within 5 working days.

Assist you in issues relating to:

  • finding key contacts or potential partners (not clients)
  • facilitating contacts and matchmaking process
  • providing with sources of information
  • IPR in the EU (through EU network partners’ expertise)
  • Licensing (through EU network partners’ expertise)

Enterprise Europe Network provides you free information on the internal market of the European Union and offers practical advice on international business cooperation. We will help your enterprise enter on the internal market of the European Union and find you suitable business partners.

*According to the level of workload or expertise some of the services could be charged.

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