The Centre is a joint venture established in 1987 by the European Commission (DG GROW) and the Japanese Government (METI) for promoting all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between the EU and Japan. It is jointly funded and managed by both sides. It has its head office in Tokyo and an office in Brussels. *Some are digitalized due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Activities of the Centre are listed below and are also available by clicking on the following PDF.

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JAPANESE BUSINESS CULTURE AND PRACTICES 2-week ‘Get Ready for Japan’ scheme in Tokyo. https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/get-ready-for-japan-training-programme

CROSS CULTURAL & MARKET ACCESS WORKSHOPS Half-a-day workshops in the EU to introduce EU companies to the basic principles of Japanese business culture. Done in cooperation with local members of EEN. https://www.eu-japan.eu/tags/workshops-in-eu

JAPANESE MANUFACTURING EXPERTISE 5-day World Class Manufacturing training mission in Japan. Nov session : https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/world-class-manufacturing-mission-I March session : https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/world-class-manufacturing-mission-II

In-depth one-day visits to world class European plants and discussion and sharing of lean thinking https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/lean-cafe (webinars and online discussions of lean strategy) https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/lean-visits-europe (physical visits to European companies)

INDUSTRIAL INTERNSHIPS IN JAPAN One-year 'Vulcanus' programme in Japan. https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/host-european-trainee-japan (companies) https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/vulcanus-japan (students)



HOW TO BENEFIT FROM THE EU-JAPAN EPA The ‘EPA Helpdesk’ supports and guides EU SMEs in their search for relevant information. https://www.eu-japan.eu/epa-helpdesk

EU-Japan trade deal: the opportunities for small business https://www.euronews.com/2019/11/01/eu-japan-trade-deal-the-opportunities-for-small-business

Doing business in the Land of the Rising Sun https://www.euronews.com/2019/11/01/expanding-trade-with-japan-find-out-how-on-business-planet

OPPORTUNITIES IN JAPANESE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT The ‘Tax & Public Procurement Helpdesk’ provides a wide range of services in the areas of public procurement and tax issues in Japan. https://www.eu-japan.eu/government-procurement

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND IP The ‘EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk’ supports EU and Japanese companies and individuals in their steps to search for and acquire technologies. http://www.eu-jp-tthelpdesk.eu/

BUSINESS PARTNERING IN JAPAN The Centre is the contact point in Japan of the ‘Enterprise Europe Network’ (EEN). https://www.een-japan.eu/

TEMPORARY OFFICE IN JAPAN "Step in Japan" is a support initiative for SMEs, offered free of charge. https://www.eu-japan.eu/logistical-support-step-japan

PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PLAN “Keys to Japan” offers a personalized market entry business plan. https://www.eu-japan.eu/market-entry-business-plan-support-keys-japan

CLUSTER & SME COOPERATION The ‘Cluster Support Helpdesk’ can identify potential cooperation partners in Japan. https://www.eu-japan.eu/high-tech-cluster-support

BUSINESS & MATCHMAKING MISSIONS TO JAPAN Cluster support 3-5 days missions are organised every year in Japan for EU Clusters and SMEs in biotech, ICT, nanotech and green economy. Include exhibiting and one-on-one meetings at a targeted trade fair. https://www.eu-japan.eu/business-missions-japan


One-year ‘Vulcanus’ programme in Europe. https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/vulcanus-europe (companies) https://www.eu-japan.eu/ja/VIE-outline (students)


EUfood2Japan supports EU Food producers (SMEs) seeking to export their products to Japan  https://www.eufood2japan.eu

EU-JAPAN BUSINESS COLLABORATION IN/WITH ASEAN, AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA Helpdesk for EU Japan business cooperation in Africa, ASEAN and Latin America



INTELLIGENCE ON MARKETS & OPPORTUNITIES IN JAPAN The "EU Business in Japan" project offers information and reports on a wide range of Japanese business sectors, on regulations and Japanese business culture. Over 400 reports and webinars are already available.


HELPDESK Any query about Japan? Feel free to contact us.


EU & JAPAN POLICY SEMINARS The Centre's webinars and workshops both in Europe and Japan cover a wide range of issues including circular economy, Green x digital, SMEs, food safety, public procurement, EPA, regions & clusters, connectivity... https://www.eu-japan.eu/policy-seminars

6-MONTH IN-HOUSE RESEARCH SCHEME IN JAPAN “Minerva” is a 6-month in-house research scheme in Japan, designed to support research and policy analysis of EU-Japan economic and industrial issues. https://www.eu-japan.eu/minerva_programme. Reports available:https://www.eu-japan.eu/overview-minerva-eu-japan-market-policy-intelligence-programme  

EU-JAPAN BUSINESS ROUND TABLE The ‘EU-Japan Business Round Table’ (BRT) fosters communication between the Japanese and European industries, and  submits recommendations to the Japanese and European authorities. https://www.eu-japan-brt.eu/



R&D PARTNERS in JAPAN The Centre is the ‘National Contact Point’ in Japan for the EU programmes “Horizon 2020” and its successor "Horizon Europe" to promote research cooperation and support participation of Japanese organisations. https://www.ncp-japan.jp/

SPACE COOPERATION Space Japan focus on certain cooperation sectors such as Earth Observation. https://www.eu-japan.eu/spacejapan


Global Navigation Satellite systems (GNSS). https://japan.gnss.asia/




MOBILISING CLUSTERS, REGIONS, CITIES, PREFECTURES IN THE EU AND JAPAN The EU-Japan Regional Cooperation Helpdesk help entities at local level to learn from existing cooperation, and promote new ones in a wide range of topics in terms of industry, trade, investment, innovation, tourism, and people mobility. https://www.ejrc-helpdesk.eu/



COORDINATION WITH THE EU MEMBER STATES TPOs "TEAM EUROPE" The Centre organises regular meetings with all the EU Member States Trade Promotion Organization present in Japan for sharing information, ensuring complementarities, and developing joint actions. https://www.eu-japan.eu/tpos

MoUs MoUs signed by the Centre and Partners such as prefectural government and Chamber of Commerce

Over the last years, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation has signed the following memorandums of understanding to signal the willingness of the parties to move forward with for example reinforced cooperation, sharing of knowledge and experience, dissemination of information, mobilization of stakeholders and follow up of actions, business matchmaking, seminars and events, etc. Each MoU defines the specific scope and purpose of the cooperation.

The EU-Japan Centre has signed 9 MoUs with (reverse chronological order) •    Ota-city Industrial Promotion Organization (2014)   •    German trade fair organization called “Messe Dusseldorf” (2016)  •    Czech Chamber of Commerce and industry in Japan (2017)   •    Japan Space Systems (2017)  •    Osaka Prefectural Government (2018)  •    German chamber of Commerce and industry in Japan (2019)  •    Miyagi Prefectural Government (2019)  •    Consulting company called Qunie (2020)  •    Insurance company called MS&AD (2022)

Discussions are taken place at the moment with other organisations in Europe and in Japan towards future MoUs.

For more information: Contact fabrizio.mura@eu-japan.or.jp

NEWSLETTERS The Centre currently produces 5 newsletters: https://www.eu-japan.eu/newsletter

SOCIAL NETWORKS Twitter: @EUJapanCentre Manuel Hubert, General Manager: @ManuelHubert Facebook: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation LinkedIn: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation Youtube: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation Instagram: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

VIDEOS Camcorder Get Ready For Japan | WCM, Lean in Europe and Lean Café | EPA Helpdesk | WCM 30 years | Vulcanus in Europe | Vulcanus in Japan | Technology Transfer Helpdesk | EU-Japan Business Cooperation with ASEAN, Africa and Latin America Helpdesk | Helpdesk for EU-Japan cooperation at the local level of industrial clusters, regions and prefectures | EEN 10 years | Minerva | BRT | Centre 35 years anniversary | Communications Activities | 'virtual mall' in the agri-food sector

You may also have a monthly overview of our upcoming events below: https://www.eu-japan.eu/news



Stock-taking thematic papers cutting across horizontally all EU-Japan Centre’s actions to provide complementary info, rationale and how they form together a meaningful and effective package



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