The EU-Japan Centre commissions occasional "Minerva" reports on policy intelligence issues aimed at helping EU industry and authorities understand recent trends and developments in Japan in different market segments. Most of these reports are available for direct download, some are only available on request. Please note that these reports have not been updated and some of them were published many years ago.

A video camera icon denotes when a webinar/recorded presentation is available in addition to the main report. Click on the camera icon to access the recording: icon. A PDF icon denotes that a set of slides or a document on a related topic is available. Click on the PDF icon to access them: slides. Reports listed in italics are internal reports, please contact if you would like access to any of them.

Additional sectoral and market reports are available in the EU Business in Japan (EUBIJ) part of this website. Additional information on these and other topics can also be accessed via this website's tags page.


Industrial Sectors







Life sciences



Security & defence

  • EU-Japan Cooperation in the Defence Industry and Technology - Transformation of Japan's Defence Policy (2022)
  • The Japanese Ministry of Defense's equipment acquisition processes and policies - Is it becoming more accessible to European suppliers? (2015)
  • Defence and Security - Industry & Market In Japan - Opportunities for European companies in five dual-use areas: Maritime security equipment, Unmanned vehicles, Aeronautic platform integration, Sensors and Avionics  (2015)
  • EU-Japan Industrial Cooperation and Business Potential in the Defense Sector - Opportunities for European SMEs (2015)



Digital Economy and Smart Cities



Clean energy

Hydrogen economy and hydrogen fuel cells


Nuclear power


Wind energy


Industrial Revitalisation and Circularity


Internationalisation and EU-Japan Business Cooperation in Third Markets


EU-Japan EPA, Trade and the Strategic Partnership Agreement


Public Procurement and Technology Transfer





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