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Japanese start-up offering fem-tech product reducing day-to-day disadvantages is looking for a distributor in the EU

Two Japanese female entrepreneurs founded a start-up offering Japan-made fem-tech products such as periods underwear and menstrual cups. Their scope is to reduce as much as possible the “disadvantages” aspects in female day-to-day life with products packed of innovative design and technology. They are looking for a distribution partner in the EU.

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Japanese SME offers system solutions using Artificial Intelligence and collaborative robotics under an outsourcing agreement

A Japanese company specialized in Artificial Intelligence based robot vision and collaborative robotics, offers system solutions to EU companies active in any type of industry to improve their production process. Expected outsourcing agreement. Possibility for investment as well with relevant partners.

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Japanese small hydropower unit on licensing partnership

A Japanese company offers their intellectual property rights to technology for an open, small hydropower unit through a licensing agreement. Their hydropower technology can be used to effectively convert unused hydropower energy into electricity.

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A Japanese company producing environmentally friendly 3D wooden puzzles is looking for agents and distributors in the EU

This Japanese company producing wooden puzzles manufactured with FSC certified wood is looking for partners in the EU. The company has many partnerships with famous international IP licensors, and as a result has a large assortment of 3D wooden puzzles with various designs including well-known popular media such as Star Wars, One Piece, Mobile Suit Gundam, Pokemon, and more...

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Japanese SME looking for licensing partners interested by inorganic photocatalytic technology aimed to protect interior and exterior of building structures

A Japanese company is offering its inorganic photocatalyst production technology, first invented in Japan, that is based on 30 years of R&D and manufacturing.

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A Japanese company offers a nano indentation tester under a commercial agreement

A Japanese manufacturer of nano indentation testers able to measure non-liquid material of less than 1 micrometre is looking for distributors to approach the EU market. The advanced technical qualities of their products, that surpass conventional hardness testers, allowed the company to become a market leader in Japan. A commercial agreement is expected with relevant EU partners.

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A Japanese R&D company specialised in lighting products is looking for EU partners for its sanitising lighting technology

A Japanese start-up specialised in research and development of lighting products, has patented a sanitizing lighting technology and is looking for a distributor partner to access the EU market, and partners interested in joint development or investment.

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A Japanese company manufacturing hardware and building components for wood houses and structures is looking for EU distributors under a commercial agreement

A Japanese hardware company is aiming to enter the EU market with its patented building components specifically for wood made structures. Their products are resistant and developed to sustain natural disaster events with the purpose of lasting for a long time.

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Japanese company with cloud-based software platform for the analysis of satellite data using artificial intelligence is looking for a commercial agreement with EU partners

A Japanese company developed a cloud-based software platform allowing in deep analysis of landscapes provided by satellite data, through the use of AI (artificial intelligence). The platform is mainly used by water suppliers, and within the energy sector to assess existing infrastructures or find best locations for the construction of solar and wind farms.

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A Japanese company offers services for the regulatory approval process in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

A Japanese company who has been engaged in CRO (Contracted Research Operation) services is looking for EU companies in the sector of pharmaceuticals and biotech to offer their supporting for regulatory process under an outsourcing agreement. 

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