"Developing a New Paradigm in the Business Relationship Between the EU and Japan"

The 2nd annual meeting of the EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT) took place at the Hotel Okura, Tokyo on 17 & 18 July 2000.

At the time, the BRT was called the "EU-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table" or "BDRT". The meeting was co-chaired by Etienne Davignon (Société Générale de Belgique) and Tadahiro Sekimoto (NEC Corporation). The meeting theme was "Developing a New Paradigm in the Business Relationship Between the EU and Japan".


Topics discussed

The meeting agenda included:

  • Guest Speeches by:
    • Mr. Asano, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
    • Mr. Arai, Vice-Minister of MITI
    • Commissioner E. Liikanen, Enterprise and Information Society
    • Mr. Hiranuma, Minister of MITI
  • Changes of Business Environment
    • EU Economy and Business
      • "Competitiveness and Innovation in Europe"
      • "Prospect of European Economy"
    • Japanese Economy and Business
      • "Current situation and prospects of Japanese economy"
      • "Progress of Japan’s Deregulation"
      • "Future Corporate Management"
  • “WG Report and Discussion"
  • Meeting report to the authorities and comments from the Japanese Government and the Commission


Documents from the 2000 annual meeting

Various documents are available from the 17 & 18 July 2000 annual meeting:


Other documents relating to the work of the BRT in 2000:

The 2001 Progress Reports from the European Commission and the Government of Japan, prepared in response to the BRT's 2000 Recommendations


Formal 'handover' of the BRT's 2000 Recommendations

The BRT's 2000 Recommendations were submitted to European Commission President Romano Prodi, President of the European Council Jacques Chirac and Yoshirō Mori, PM of Japan:

 The handover took place on the occasion of the 9th EU-Japan Summit, and the Summit Joint Conclusions made reference to the BRT:

IV - Issues for Intensified Co-operation until the Next Summit
(2) Strengthening the Economic and Trade Partnership Utilising the Dynamism of Globalisation for the Benefit of All
- Business dialogue
Japan and the EU welcome the proposals made by the Japan-EU Business Dialogue Round Table which held its second meeting on 16-18 July in Tokyo, and will pay due consideration to its proposals in formulating and implementing policies, inter alia, policy for mutual investment promotion. Japan and the EU hope that this forum will continue to provide useful input for the further promotion of trade and investment in not only a bilateral but also multilateral context, and express their support for the further development of its activities.


References to the annual meeting in speeches by European Commissioners

The BRT's 2000 annual meeting was referenced in a 19 July 2000 speech given by European Commission President Prodi to Keidanren in Tokyo, and in an 18 July 2000 speech given by Pascal Lamy, European Commissioner responsible for Trade, to the Foreign Correspondents' Club

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