Annual and ad hoc Joint Recommendations to the EU and Japanese Authorities

The annual "Joint Recommendations" document is the main policy statement from the BRT to the EU and Japanese Authorities. Together with the annual reports by the BRT's 4 Working Parties it is submitted to senior representatives of the Japanese Authorities (often being given directly to the Prime Minister of Japan during a  "handover" ceremony) and EU Authorities (European Commission and European Council).

The "Joint Recommendations" document is drafted by the BRT co-Chair companies after consultation with the BRT members. On the rare occasion that the BRT annual meeting has coincided with the EU-Japan Summit, the BRT Recommendations have been submitted directly to the EU-Japan Summit Leaders. This happened in 2010, 2007, 2002 and 2000.

BRT 2021 Handover to Prime Minister Kishida
BRT 2021 Handover to Prime Minister Kishida
BRT 2021 Handover to Commissioner Breton
BRT 2021 Handover to Commissioner Breton
BRT Handover to the 2007 EU-Japan Summit
BRT Handover to the 2007 EU-Japan Summit

If, outside the cycle of the BRT annual meeting, the BRT or its co-Chairs wish to make a public statement on an issue of major importance they can issue ad hoc statements and position papers.


Annual Joint Recommendations documents issued since the second BRT annual meeting

To access all the material available from a given year (including photos, the meeting agenda, working party recommendations, keynote speech transcripts, details of the handover(s), etc.), please visit the annual meeting archive and click on the relevant year / meeting title.

Year English version Japanese version
2023 The EU & Japan – partnering on economic security for sustainable growth EUと日本-持続可能な成長に向けた経済安全保障での連携
2022 EU & Japan – Going Digital, Going Green EUと日本–デジタル化とグリーンな社会を目指して
2021 The EU & Japan together – leading the way for a more digital and greener future EUと日本 -共によりデジタルでグリーンな未来へ
2020 The EU & Japan – A New Way Forward EU と日本 - A New Way Forward
2019 The EU & Japan - Acting together in a global world EU と日本 - Acting together in a global world
2018 EU and Japan - Champions of Global Free Trade EUと日本 - 世界の自由貿易の推進者
2017 EU-Japan - The Dawn of a New Relationship 日・EU -新しい関係の幕開け
2016 EU & Japan - Taking strides towards a common sustainable future EUと日本 - 持続可能な成長に向け一歩を踏み出す
2015 Paving the way for a renewed industrial partnership 新たな産業パートナーシップへの道を開く
2014 EU-Japan Cooperation - New Opportunities for Global Growth 日本とEUの協力-世界経済の新たな成長に向けて
2013 Opening a New Chapter in EU-Japan Relations 日・EU関係の新たな時代の幕開け
2012 Unlocking Growth Potential in EU-Japan Business 日本とEUの連携強化と成長の実現に向けて
2011 EU-Japan Business Cooperation - Growth for the Future 日・EU 間のビジネス協力:未来への成長
2010 EU-Japan Business - Gearing up for the Next Decade 日・EU ビジネス: 次の 10 年に備えて
2009 EU and Japan - Securing Stability in Difficult Economic Times 困難な経済情勢下でいかに安定性を確保するか
2008 Joining Forces for Competitiveness and Sustainability 競争力と持続性のための協力
2007 Joining forces for Competitiveness and Sustainability 競争力と持続性のための協力
2006 2006 Recommendations 2006年度の提言
2005 A Continued Innovative Approach to Address New Common Challenges 新たな共通課題に取り組むための革新的アプローチの継続
2004 Giving a New Impetus to EU-Japan Relations and Addressing New Sectors 日・EU関係への新たな息吹の吹込みと新たな分野への取り組み
2003 Towards new challenges for sustaining growth and competitiveness - Investments and Enlargement 成長と競争力の維持に向けた新たな課題:相互投資の促進とEU拡大の恩恵の確保
2002 A new Stage of EU-Japan Business - Promoting Foreign Trade and Investment while Reforming and Restructuring Domestic Markets 日・EUビジネスの新段階:国内市場の改革/再構築による外国貿易と投資の促進
2001 Partnership for New Growth 日・EUの新たな成長へのパートナーシップ
2000 Developing a New Paradigm in the Business Relationship Between the EU and Japan 日・EUビジネス関係の新パラダイムへ向けて


Ad hoc joint statements and position papers

Date Topic English version Japanese version
04 August 2023 EU-Japan Summit Statement ... on the outcome of the 2023 EU-Japan Summit 2023 年日 EU 定期首脳協議共同声明に関する声明
19 May 2022 EU-Japan Summit Statement ... on the outcome of the 2022 EU-Japan Summit 2022 年日 EU 定期首脳協議共同声明に関する声明
03 June 2021 EU-Japan Summit Statement ... on the outcome of the 2021 EU-Japan Summit 2021 年日 EU 定期首脳協議共同声明に関する声明
25 May 2020 COVID-19 Position Paper of the EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT) on the current COVID-19 pandemic 新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)の世界的大流行に関する日・EU ビジネス・ラウンドテーブル(BRT)声明書
01 Feb. 2019 EPA - FTA A New Era for the EU and Japan Starts Today 日本とEUとの新たな時代が本日始まる
23 May 2017 EPA - FTA Joint statement from the EU-Japan Business Round Table 日・EU ビジネス・ラウンドテーブルによる共同声明
28 April 2015 Energy / COP21 Joint Statement on COP21 COP21 に関する共同声明
15 Nov. 2013 EPA - FTA /
EU-Japan Summit
Strengthening the EU-Japan Economic Partnership 日本とEU の経済連携の強化に向けて
31 Oct. 2011 Energy Joint Statement on Energy Policy エネルギー政策に関する緊急提言
12 Sept. 2011 EPA - FTA Joint Statement towards an EU-Japan FTA/EPA 日・EU FTA/EPA 締結に向けた緊急提言
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