Founded in 1949, Ehime Univ., one of Japan’s national universities, takes the initiative in implementing educational, research and social activities contributing to society from a global perspective under the principle of “leading our region and connecting it to the world with striking originality.


Ehime University continues to promote world-class research by producing advanced research output in such fields as geodynamics, coastal environmental science, and protein-based drug development. Situated along the Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内海, Setonaikai), its mild climate and friendly and cozy atmosphere help drive innovation from within. The university’s Structural and Mathematical Engineering Laboratory, of which the inventor is a member, focuses on the research of maintenance methods for the damage evaluation and improvement of residual life in infrastructures such as nondestructive inspection, large-scale numerical simulation of acoustic- and electromagnetic waves, and structural health monitoring using sophisticated sensor networks. Their research makes our daily lives better and enhances the safety of social infrastructure. The university’s affiliated IP center and research centers go hand in hand to promote their inventions both domestically and overseas. This center manages IP relating to technology developed by researchers at the university and its licensing to corporations.

Available technologies

Ultrasonic Imaging Technology in Road Pavement Using Low-Frequency Array Probes
managed by Ehime University
TRL: 1
Availability: Licensing
Status: JP Application
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