Toulouse Tech Transfer is, the technology transfer office of the University of Toulouse. Our mission is to promote the results of research to industry: management of intellectual property, licensing.


Following a French National initiative, 14 technology transfer companies called SATTs have been created to boost the technology transfer. Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT) was created by several public research bodies (shareholders: Toulouse Federal University, CNRS and CDC) in January 2012 as one of the first five SATTs.
The objective is to create value out of academic research and turn them into innovations for industry, source of growth and employment.
TTTs core business is to invest in technology maturing programs (proofs of concept) based on academic research results of the Midi-Pyrénées region, which cover:
- IP (Intellectual Property) and legal management, in order to create more value through patents and know-how;
- Marketing to identify which market mix should be targeted;
- Technical operations to design and finance relevant proof of concept programs to reach an attractive level for businesses.
The objective of these investments is to license the matured technologies and products to businesses. Of course, one way to address the market is startup creation.
Thus, TTT supports technological and financial risks of the innovation process.
Apart from this core business, TTT acts as a service company for academia providing consultancy and training on technology transfer, valorization, IP, etc.
The leverage provided by TTT is reducing SMB cash burning for the riskiest phase of innovation.

Available technologies

One Step manufacturing process of complex parts by SPS sintering
TRL: 4
Availability: Licensing
Status: PCT Application
Process for manufacturing high performance titanium aluminide part based on Spark Plasma Sintering
TRL: 4
Availability: Licensing
Status: PCT Application
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