Walnut oil is preferred by gourmet lovers and fans of healthy eating. It is also taken as a dietary supplement because it contains a huge levels of vegan omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. That is why we sell it successfully in organic stores and large chains.

As it is an organic vegan product, walnut oil is easily listed in the retail outlets, because the trend of using vegan products is in constant growth. Also, the oil is compact, expensive and is a very suitable product for distribution over long distances.
They have been producing the BIO WALNUT OIL since the end of 2019, according to an old French technology from 1803 - it is handmade by single cold pressing of RAW walnuts in a unique wooden OAK PRESS. The technology for the oil is unique and contributes to 100% preservation of the useful Omega fatty acids and Vitamins in the oil, because it does not heat up (max 21оC) and does not come into contact with metal. This is very important, because in conventional presses, the final product is very oxidized and most of the useful substances are destroyed by the metal and the high temperature. Thanks to the technology used, their oil has an acidity level less than 0.1% and very balanced natural taste. For comparison, you may know that the some of the most expensive premium cold-pressed oils have 0.2%.
From the residual (pressed walnuts) we make Bio Walnut Flour (which is practically vegan walnut protein (approx. 40% content) and it is also made by hand in a stone mill.

The other interesting thing is that walnut oil turns out to be a very useful cosmetic product precisely because of Omega 3,6,9 and Vitamin E, and could be used for face, body and hair. It is precisely because of this fact that it is possible to seek a partnership with established brands for premium organic cosmetics, which could be interested to implement our raw material in their production. The flour can be used in various recipes for peeling and scrub for face and body. Contains a lot of Vitamin E, Magnesium and Zinc.

Gourmoli Ltd
A Bulgarian boutique company, established in the beginning of 2019, with the vision to promote the true taste of Bulgaria with amazing Gourmet twist, beautiful design, and much attention to the detail, is producing probably the tastiest Organic Walnut Oil in the world, by a secret recipe and know-how. It represents manual cold pressing in an Oak Bin, which is a technology used in France back in 1803. Also is Producing extremely healthy Vegan Walnut Flour/Protein and incredible Acacia Honey with Rose Oil.
Looking for distributors and partners, who could promote these expensive and premium quality products. Offering exclusivity for certain markets.
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