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Polska Róża
Polska Róża is a family-owned manufacturer of NFC fruit juices (NFC = not from concentrate), rose petals preserves, jams and syrups, with tradition since year 1979. Our mission is to produce high-quality juices with health-promoting properties.
Poland - Falenty Nowe
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Distillerie de Chez Sabourin
Pierre, grandson of the founder of the family distillery, and Arthur, from a family of winegrowers, decided to leave their mark on future generations by creating their Patte Blanche organic cognac. With the idea of revitalising the image of cognac, the brand was developed around passion, youth and transparency.
France - Arthenac
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Olive Groves Archetypon
The Greek South. Messinia. An immense olive grove spreads across the province stretching to the sea, the only natural limit that seems to be able to contain its spread. 
Greece - Athens
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Vivant emerges as France’s pioneering 100% organic spirits company, rooted in the fertile soil of Charente. Our mission revolves around the production of premium, organic and socially responsible products. Vivant is dedicated to shaping a brighter future for generations to come. 
France - Baignes Sainte-Radegonde
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Brinkers Food
Brinkers Food B.V. was founded by Bernardus Brinkers in 1889 and was originally a small margarine trading company. In those days, margarine was a new product used as a replacement for the more expensive butter. In 1927, Brinkers’ first margarine factory was opened.
The Netherlands - Enschede
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ALPS Coffee
Alps Coffee from Italy, with more than 130 years of experience in this business, produces roasted coffee in beans, ground coffee and single coffee pods. We offer a wide range of Organic and Fairtrade coffee – both branded and under private label. We carefully select the best qualities of green coffee in the World and we roast each single origin separately. Then, after severe quality controls, we select and blend in due proportions to create fine coffees for the joy of your taste.
Our care for high-quality standards in our production also means total safety for our customers; because of this, our Company is FSSC 22000 certified. We believe in spreading the culture of Italian espresso Worldwide: that is why we provide appreciated coffee tasting trainings and classes to our customers.
Italy - Parcines
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Dea società benefit srl
Deanocciola is the brand of Dea Società benefit srl that is located in the Tuscia area of Viterbo (North of Rome), and has been producing organic spreads since more than 60 years.
We are leading manufacturers of organic spreads, and we offer:
1. High quality hazelnut and chocolate spreads with and without milk;
2. Pure nut butters;
3. Pure seed butters;
4. Innovative & Healthy tailor made recipes;
5. Covering and filling spread
6. Bakery spread
7. Semi-finished products for industries
Our production plant meets the highest food-safety standards, and our factory has the following
certifications: Organic, BRC, IFS, FDA, Kosher, Fairtrade, UTZ.
Deanocciola Organic Spreads boast claims such as VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SUGAR FREE,
PROTEIN since the production lines of our factory are completely separated, in order to avoid any risk
of cross-contamination.
Moreover, our technology consist in manufacturing the spreads at low temperatures and in small
batches so to have always-fresh products.
We manufacture organic spreads under our brand Deanocciola, and our great creativity and flexibility
makes us your reliable partner especially for your Private Label.
Italy - Gallese
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Lo Bello Fosfovit Srl
Lo Bello Fosfovit is an Italian company specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of dietary products especially for babies since the beginning of 1900. 
Fosfovit baby biscuits enriched with minerals and vitamins have been among the first dietary products to be authorized in Italy. Even if facing a market operated mainly by multinational companies, Lo Bello Fosfovit has preferred keeping and consolidating its Italian identity, reaching excellent results both in national and international markets. 
Today thanks to the experience and continuous innovation, Lo Bello Fosfovit has developed special product lines meant to meet the needs of the little ones and all those who need healthy and balanced food in their diet.
Italy - Siracusa
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Fudex Group Spa is a leading Italian food producer specializing in the development and manufacturing of extruded food products. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Fudex has established itself as a reliable partner for national and international companies seeking to create innovative, healthy, and flavorful food products. The company's core production methodology involves the extrusion-cooking process, a versatile technique that transforms a variety of ingredients into unique food products.
Italy - Settimo Torinese
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Tria Srl
The Donna itriya pasta is made with 100% Sicilian wheat, a precious gift of this incredible land of ours, kneaded with pure water, drawn to bronze and finally dried with the patience of those who have always made the pasta and with the breeze that comes from the sea. Talking about the drying process takes places in static cells with long times at low temperature in order to not alter the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the product, following the tradition of processing according to the artisan method.
Italy - Casteldaccia