Our frying oil is a sunflower seed oil extracted from a variety of sunflower that has seeds rich in oleic acid (omega 9), a monounsaturated fatty acid characterized by high stability. It is a perfect oil for frying because of its high smoke point. Nutrition: This oil is rich in oleic acid (Omega 9), a monounsaturated fatty acid with antioxidant and vitalizing properties.

How to use it: Its high smoke point (above 230°C) makes it perfect for dry, crispy frying, but it can also be used for cooking your favorite dishes or in the preparation of baked goods. When frying, it is good to choose an oil with a high smoke point. Of all of them, high oleic sunflower is one of the highest, along with deodorized palm & coconut. High oleic sunflower oil differs from linoleic sunflower oil in terms of composition and use: the former is to be favored for frying, due to its high smoke point; the latter is preferred for sauces and dressings.

The Joe & Co. was set up by manager who have been always in the world of the production of extra virgin olive oils and seed oils cold-pressed. The passion for world of organic and for cold pressed oils brings the company to become the landmark in the organic oil market. This helps to conquer valuable customers in Italy and abroad within the first years of activity.
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