Honey & Bee Derived Products

This is a typical Alps plant that grows at extreme altitude: 2000 meters above the sea, where the environment is absolutely free from human activities.
At liquid state it's light-yellow coloured but it crystallizes very fast getting a unique white colour. Its flavour and aroma are not strong, they remind us to white flowers and snow.

Maison Agricole D&D de Dellio Daniela
We are Maison Agricole D&D, a small family business started in 2002 and located in the heart of Aosta Valley.
In this region, surrounded by the highest European mountains, we have been producing wine and honey since long time, thanks to typical techniques we learnt from our parents.
During the first years we focused on recovering the wine heritage, replanting old vineyard. Anyway, bee­keeping has always been part of our culture, so in 2020 we decided to increase our honey production and we bought 300 new beehives respecting the organic rules.
Beekeeping in Aosta Valley means following flowerings that our unique landscape offers us. In spring our bees are located in Piemonte, where mild temperatures give them the possibility to haul the precious Acacia honey, after that we bring our beehives on the mountains meadows where we obtain a honey made by flowerings at 1000 meters above the sea.
The last step is the most extreme one. During late summer we follow mountain paths and take by hand our beehives at 2000 meters above the sea in order to let our bees haul Rhododendron flowers, a typical Alps plant.
This wild and particular region and our traditional knowledge make sure that our bees produce a unmis­sable honey.
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