We are the first ones to introduce the world with "Nordic black" tea - a healthy, caffeine-free and energy-boosting alternative to traditional black tea. It is made of local herbs and is 100% natural and certified-organic. GMO-free. Our big fraction tea is served in biodegradable pyramid tea bags. Being made of plant-based starch, these tea bags are compostable within 30-60 days in soil. Plastic-free and certified by OK Compost.  Product packaging design is purely Nordic - we hand-pick wild herbs from our meadows and forests and implement a real-life herbarium in our product packaging design. It is important that customers see the beauty, nuances of each herb. This is the way we raise awareness about herbs that for majority are surprising and new, but a crucial for prolonging the biodiversity of our nature and sustaining healthy lifestyle.


Organic Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium ) leaves fermented in 50°C.


Bittersweet taste, energy-boosting, metabolism-improving, aromatic


Dark gold and clear consistency.


Plukt SIA
PLŪKT is a family-owned, women-lead brand founded in 2017 by Līga Lieplapa and Māra Lieplapa – mother and daughter. Līga has more than 20 years of experience in environmental sciences and is a tea master. Rich knowledge and expertise in tea cultures is at the core of unique and science-based products.
INNOVATION - We have created the first caffeine-free, energy-boosting alternatives to black and green teas – NORDIC BLACK and NORDIC GREEN. They are made from wild fireweed herb and are acknowledged by tea masters.
SUSTAINABILITY - PLŪKT is the first and only tea brand in Northern Europe to serve tea in plant-based pyramid bags. These bags biodegrade in soil within 30-60 days and don’t emit any plastic particles in the beverage. PLŪKT is available in more than 120 independent stores in 13 countries.
NORDIC DESIGN - Authentic packaging design reflects real-life herbarium. It gives an opportunity to get to know various Nordic herbs and to create a collection of herbs at home.
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