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Beetroot with horseradish
It’s a magnificent duo combining the sweetness of beetroot with the strength of horseradish, with a lovely texture and a bit of bite for an original twist at aperitif time. Good with late harvest wine or pink champagne. For cooking, you may like to pair it with game meat or poultry.
Dried tomatoes and sweet herbs
Pure pleasure for the palate! This tomato paste will add colour and flavour to your table.
It can be transformed info an espuma (foam) with a siphon. You can also eat it cold on toasts or with a cheeseboard.
Sweet pepper with tarragon
Absolutely delicious and irresistible! With goat cheese and mussels, it makes a super hors d’oeuvre.
You can also use this paste to make salad dressings, to spread on barbecued meats, a fillet of fish, or simply on bread, taco chips or crackers as an aperitif!