Organic wheat flour, slowly ground with natural monolithic Sardinian granite stone, grown only in our fields Marche Quality. It’s possible to choose between Whole Wheat, Type 2 or Type 1 in relation to the desired particle size. It’s also possible to choose bags of different weight between 1, 5 or 25 kg.

Vallesina Bio di Andrea Laudazi
Vallesina Bio is the first Italian farm being Agriculture, Innovative and Benefit. Our farm is 150 hectares full organic, also certificated QM (Marche Quality) and #plasticfree. In fact, our packaging is full plastic free. We sell only products grown in our fields. We do delivery in our area with a full electric van. We are also an educational and social farm: we host a full time school of 30 kids from 4 to 11. As social we host 3 autistics guys and 2 persons in wheelchair.
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