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EUFood2Japan is the first EU2JP Virtual Mall led by the EU-Japan Centre. It connects EU's SMEs with Japanese importers, buyers and partners.

The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement entered into force in February 2019. One of the main sectors promoted in this agreement is food.

The EU-Japan Centre launched specific activities to support EU Food producers (SMEs) seeking to export their products to Japan.

Support available

Among the different support available, the EU-Japan Centre has launched this website, aiming at promoting EU Organic Food products among Japanese importers and buyers.

All the EU organic food products descriptions in this website are available both in English and Japanese language.

This project is managed by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, under the umbrella of Enterprise Europe Network and funded by the European Commission.

Should you be interested in knowing more about this project, feel free to contact the EU-Japan Centre.


Promotion of EU food in Japan

The European Commission is currently running  “The Perfect Match” campaign to promote EU agricultural food and beverage products in Japan in order to ultimately increase the market share of these products. The campaign features technical seminars, supermarket promotion actions and other activities.

For more information, visit their website and feel free to look at their newsletter.

The EU-Japan Centre is promoting EU food in Japan via other means too. We have bilingual staff that actively contact importers and buyers, and we are regularly on fairs and events.


Registering your company

Please get in touch. We will send you a form and ask for more information about your company and products. Note that your company must be an SME based in the EU and sell at least one certified organic product.

When your company and products are online, we'll start trying to find buyers for your products in Japan.

In principle, all contact go through us, but we can't rule out that a Japanese company contact you directly. If that happens, please let us know. We will provide further support, and this will also allow us to make sure all parties involved knows about any deal that could be reached.


How to get in touch with a producer

If you have found a product you have an interest in, use the contact button and let us know more about the information you need.

We will assist with reaching the correct person, and we can give you more information about the producer's capacities and situation.

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