Salt, Spices & Herbs

This range is made of hand-picked aromatic plants from the Garrigues of Languedoc-Roussillon.
Growing in the wild in a harsh climate, the plants had to develop their essential oils as a defence mechanism, which is what makes them very powerful with great aromatic richness.  
From an eco-responsible activity in the heart of the Cévennes.
This product contributes to the sustainability of the picker's trade, one of the key activities for the and preservation of the natural area of the Garrigues.

Available in:

  • Wild Thyme
  • Wild Rosemary
  • Wild mix hand-picked in the garrigues (thyme, savoury, rosemary and lavender)

Produced with aromatic herbs from the south of France.  100% from the EU.


Founded in 1993, Aromandise is a family-owned business specialized in organic food products and natural scents.
We have a strong cultural connection with Japan through the founders, Yumi and Michel Pryet and their daughters.
We are passionate about the art of living and well-being, and we have been dedicated to contributing to these matters for over 28 years.
Our business is led in the active respect for ecology, social and cultural equity. We are building durable partnerships aiming to have a positive influence for the planet and its inhabitants.
Our main purpose is to give access to healthy, delicious, and highly qualitative organic products.
As a specialist in dietetic food, aromas and well-being from plants, we are deeply admirative of nature and the world’s traditions. Our R&D allows us to market new products every year that are often granted prestigious innovation awards.
We are attentively studying the purpose and the consumer benefit of any of our products. We make sure they are easy to use in everyday life and provide documentation, books, recipes and videos to promote their usage.
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