Granola & Breakfast Cereals

Amore Keto Chocolate Breakfast is Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low sugar and also a source of natural goodness. This is a delicious crunchy mixture of activated seeds and healthy ingredients.
By challenging the essence of the traditional baked granola, this alternative combines the benefits of the raw healthy eating and is made of activated sunflower seeds and gently dehydrated. Free of any unwanted ingredients and high in fibre and Source of protein. the organic AMORE granola is a new tasty treat that everyone can enjoy now.


Sunflower seeds*, coconut chips*, cocoa paste*, inulin*, erythritol*, pumpkin seeds*, flaxseeds*, almonds*, cashews*, lucuma powder*.
*Ingredients from organic farming.

Biostyle Ltd.
Since 2012 our company manufactures only certified organic foods. Our mission is to promote sustainable, healthy foods and make them available to everyone. As we believe that organic agriculture is the best way to maintain and improve fertility, soil structure, biodiversity, reduce erosion and the risks of human, animal and environmental exposure to toxic materials. We aim to make our production cycle zero waste - we compost the food residues from the production, we have installed a water treatment system. Our goal is use only renewable energy in 2022.
Since day one we have started our RND in order to create innovative and unique products, all 100% gluten free, vegan and organic. Our production facility is IFS Food certified that guarantees the high quality of the products made in our manufacturing facility. We are the first producer in Bulgaria of gluten free breakfasts made with activated seeds, which makes them food at its highest potential. Our portfolio also contains gluten free cookies, raw bonbons with edible flower Rose Damascena. Our probiotic bites are award winning at NOPE London 2017, in category “The best New special diet product”. We are always following the food innovation trends that Is how our Vegan salami was born, as a meat alternative contains no soy and no wheat, two of the biggest world allergens.
Biostyle provide PL services and we can develop our clients’ idea for organic food product from a scratch.  We have clients all over Europe, Australia and Qatar.  Our excellent customer service, creative thinking outside the box and problem-solving ability distinguishes us amongst the competitors.
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