Organic white wine, blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Merseguera, international and native varieties of grape whose fruity flavour, freshness and smoothness will take you straight to the Mediterranean Sea. A one-of-a-kind wine with aromas of white fruit, ripe pear and apricot, and slightly tropical undertones. White spices and flower petal. Balanced acidity and fresh aftertaste.

Bodega Las Virtudes
Villena has been a land of wines for hundreds of years, so it is also a land of wineries. Many of these little cellars merged to form Bodega Las Virtudes in 1961, bringing together the tradition and know-how of this wine region. A significant expansion took place in 1972, which is also when we acquired the oak barrels from which the mother solera of our Fondillón wine, the most beautiful jewel of the Alicante region, comes from. Nowadays, we benefit from the most advanced technology, allowing us to have full control over our production.
We have a nice range of wines including BIO products, mainly elaborated with Monastrell under the Alicante PDO, with different lines for Horeca and Retailers. We are also working hard in the preservation of our rich wine heritage developing our Patrimonio Monastrell Project with Parcel Wines from the oldest and best vineyards.
Furthermore, we are one of only 10 wineries worldwide that produce Fondillon, special and typical Alicante dessert wine with 10 years of aging that kings and several literary geniuses have written about throughout history.
We also produce high quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with native varieties of olives in our own facilities.
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