Barrel fermented for 12 months

Visually: Bright and intense cherry colour, with violet edge.

Aromatically: Harmonious blend of fruit aromas and oak.

In the mouth: Nice and refreshing, dry and with a long aftertaste.

Bodegas Palacio De Lerma
The wine tradition of a family with centuries of wine making. Currently our project consists of the recovery of old vineyards and the production of natural and alternative wines with their grapes. "Forgotten Treasures" is the name we give to our project. Through this project we recover ancestral vineyards. We take care of them and with sustainable agriculture we take care of them to produce the usual grapes. They are true treasures, contain different varieties of grapes mixed with centuries-old vines, vineyards in glasses of irregular lines and very limited productions. From these vineyards, which are in borderline areas of production, high areas, areas surrounded by bush and nature, we take the grapes to make our wines more radikales, our Radikalwines.
We produce micro vinification of plots and of extreme vineyards, vineyards of height, looking for the radicality, the purity and typicity of the area as an element of identity. I want my wines to taste the extreme landscape from which they come. I want unusual, extraordinary wines for minorities, more than common wines that are drinkable for most.
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