Quintine was a 38-year-old witch living in Ellezelles, village where the beer is brewed. In October 1610, she was burnt alive. In her books of spells, which has been passed along from generation to generation, we found her "magic" recipes. Today, we share them with you.


A veiled blond ale, refreshing and very fruity with a pronounced hops character.  A dry and vivid finish. This beer was elected as "Best Bio Beer" in 2016.

Brasserie des Legendes srl
We are a family brewery based on authenticity, terroir and tradition. We cultivate our own barley used for the production of our beers, which is unique in Belgium. We produce beers of every type: blond, triple, quadruple, amber and seasonal ales. We control the entire chain of production with intimate knowledge and respect for our lands. Our beers are made from 100% local ingredients, directly from ground to glass.
Recently, in June 2019, we have taken over the Distillery of Biercée and its Belgian spirits of high quality. We offer today a full range of Belgian products, 100% natural, made from the finest ingredients selected for their quality and sustainable development.
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