Biscuits & Cookies

Starker Bär – Bio Dinkelkekse
Mastered a test or accomplished the stressful tasks in the last week? You will need some energy. That is the right occasion for our cookies Strong Bear! Top athletes know the energy effects of oats. It is known as a natural stimulant by powering up your muscles. Combined with delicious chocolate chips, it is truly a great source of energy.

Bräuer Mühlviertler Naturbäcker
The natural baker Martin Bräuer from Mühlviertel goes to work with a passion for craftsmanship and enjoyment of design. Enjoyment and responsibility are equally valuable to him.
Cookies with story(s)
Inspired by recipes from Hildegard von Bingen, Martin Bräuer created “cookies with meaning”. Natural ingredients with an activating effect give the organic spelled biscuits their very special value.
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