We have a wide range of tea bags that we specially created to address various needs: well being, sleep, detox, digestion...
We can offer our tea bags of herbs in bulk, in square boxes of 20 infusettes, in kraft bags. We are also able to personalize our boxes and bags with your own brand and create your own blend of herbs.
Our sachets bags are "SOILON' and 100% from natural origin (derived from corn starch) and biodegradable. This natural material allows the consumer to see the quality of the herbs through the tea bag as it is not an opaque filter paper.
The work of the producer is valorised and as well as our work with the cutting, dust removing and sifting work. There is no metal staple, nor glue because the tea bag is heat-welded
This way, the work of our producers of herbs is valorised and our work as well with the cutting, dust removing and sifting work.

Cailleau Herboristerie
Cailleau Herboristerie is a small family company with a high expertise in the supply and transformation of dry herbs and botanicals. We have a know-how in the field of plant since 1868 (indeed we were first a Producer of Roman Chamomile) and we are located in the capital of medicinal herbs, Chemillé-en-Anjou.
We work hand in hand with trustworthy producers to select high quality herbs, roots and seeds and work the materials at our warehouse to meet the various needs of our customers: we are fully equipped to clean, sift, cut and powder the herbs. We are able to offer a wide range of herbs (we have a range of more than 800 plants, with 140 organic certified herbs) that we can offer in bulk, powder or packed in bags, or in “infusettes”/tea bags form. We also offer a range of food supplements with capsules, macerates and gemmotherapy, as well as essential oils.
We have 2 entities at Cailleau : Cailleau Herboristerie and Cailleau Pharmaceutique. In 2016 we created our new entity Cailleau Pharmaceutique in order to meet the administrative burden imposed by the medical drug agency in France. All our herbs are control by our industrial pharmacist to check quality and species. The quality and excellency imposed by the European Pharmacopeia is an absolute priority for Cailleau. In this respect we have obtained in 2021 the ISO 22000 Certification ( a label for the safety management of food products).
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