Bottle of 500ml
Type of olive: 100% Arbequina
Quality: Extra virgin. Olive oil obtained directly from olives and produced by mechanical procedures.
Type of Container: Silk-screened glass bottle 500ml.
Tasting Notes: Fruity oil with reminiscent of green tomatoes with freshly cut grass, artichokes and green almonds fragrances. It presents an elegant and gentle entry, with a touch of parsley and basil.

Casa De La Arsenia
We are a family company dedicated to the production of high-quality olive oil. Under our two brands Ma’Sarah and Molino de la Arsenia, our oils are worldwide known for their majestic, unique and personal flavours.
Our emplacement is in a historical rural house called Arsenia’s house that had been producing olive oil since the late eighteenth century. After years of inactivity, it was in 2011 when this mill located in Pinoso (Alicante) came to life again.
Remaining loyal to its tradition, with the latest technical innovations and the exceptional Mediterranean location Casa de la Arsenia has the perfect combination for making one of the best extra virgin olive oils.
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