Biscuits & Cookies

Cupffee is a delicious, edible cookie cup that perfectly complements your coffee or dessert. It does not alter the taste of your drink, but also remains crunchy for over 40 minutes. And its vegan!
Cupffee is completely biodegradable, which makes it the best alternative to any plastic or paper cup. With its unmatched characteristics, Cupffee defines a whole new category of edible and sustainable cups.

Cupffee 110 ml /14 grams/ is ideal for espresso or short drinks.
Cupffee 220ml /26 grams/ is perfectly suitable for cappuccino, flat white or tea.

Cupffee Ltd.
Driven by our dream for a better world, we created Cupffee – the delicious, edible, and biodegradable cookie cup that redefines the sustainability of disposable cups.
How do you make an edible cup that adds more character to your coffee experience and obliterates the need for plastic and single-use paper cups? We gathered the exceptional minds of coffee lovers with the inner drive to make the planet greener. And we came up with the perfect recipe for the crunchy and delicious Cupffee cups that now complements the coffee and tea of people all around the world.
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