Our pure organic spirulina in nibs (or crunchy) format is produced in Spain, in the Natural Park of the Serra Calderona (Valencia). We cultivate it with pure filtered water along its route in the Natural Park, with high mineral content. It is then harvested early in the day when its bioactive ingredients content is at the highest.
It is then gently dehydrated at a low temperature to respect its exceptional nutritional composition.
This results in a very high-quality spirulina with unbeatable freshness (after harvest, customers usually receive spirulina 1 or 2 weeks after production only, compared to industrial spirulina arriving on store shelves with several months of transport and warehousing).
The proof of its purity and intact composition is the marvellous turquoise blue colour that it gives off after a few minutes in contact with water: it demonstrates the presence of phycocyanin, the spirulina's natural blue pigment and a powerful cellular antioxidant.
More versatile than spirulina powder (the powder format means that it has undergone a high temperature "spray dry" drying at 180ºC and the consequent loss of nutrients and altered flavour), spirulina nibs are Ideal for making smoothies, juices, etc. but also to complement your favourite salads and dishes (muesli, morning toast, yoghurt, sushi, noodle topping, etc.): its mild flavour and crunchy texture will delight you! Recommended for the whole family.

Our commitment:

Spirulina produced in Spain, Grown in pure and high quality water, Harvest made early in the day when the content of active ingredients is the highest, Gentle dehydration at low temperature controlled in our laboratory (maximum 35 º C) to preserve its nutritional wealth, Certified by the brand Natural Parks of Valencia, HACCP quality control system, Respect for the environment, Food packaging of recyclable materials, Transparency with the visit of our facilities, Much dedication and love for a high quality production.

Ecospirulina produces high quality organic spirulina in Valencia, Spain. We are the first Spanish company certified organic for spirulina.
The most important of our quality standard is a drying process at low temperature: meanwhile 98% of worldwide spirulina market comes from industrial production with a drying temperature around 180-200°C by spray-dried technology which destroys part of valuable nutrients, we, at Ecospirulina, keep full freshness properties of spirulina thanks to a low temperature drying at 39°C. This way we offer a spirulina full of essential nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, Omega 6, enzyme SOD among most temperature-sensitive compounds.
Also, we are proud to be certified natural product by the Natural Reserve authorities where our farm is located: in the Natural Reserve of Serra Calderona, Spain. It means that we are producing in a clean and natural environment and our spirulina grows with the pristine water of the Natural Reserve. We want to add ethical and transparency to our principles: please feel free to come and visit our spirulina production.
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