Arbejd is a 9 days old pure malt 47%. The scent, the ethereal, the ever-piercing aroma of peat and phenols. The fog of war, the fumes of old. Arbejd is our peated expression. Here smoke and peat take the centre stage. This spirit is based only on Sherry Oloroso barrels which adds a balancing sweetness to the bold spirit. The barrels are loaded into our reactor together with a raw, peated new-make spirit and left to transform for 9 days.

Waves of salt speckled smoke overwhelms your pallet, shining through is a promise of safe harbour, caramel, ripe apples and black tea lingers in the background. Arbejd offers an elegant smoky character with well-integrated sweetness leaving you longing for another sip.


EtOH Spirits ApS
EtOH is a start-up company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded by Tobias Emil Jensen, who previously started one of the most famous microbreweries in Denmark. In 2017 he left the beer business to explore the future of whisky and spirits making. Through years of development and academic research we have invented, and refined methods to accelerate ageing of spirits.
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