Hailing from Portuguese barrels, this 7 days old pure malt 43% has decades of heritage in its composition. This spirit is made using Port Wine barrels in combination with Burgundy Brandy barrels. The wood from the different barrels is loaded into our reactor and are left to transform and age for 7 days. Using ultrasound, elevated temperatures and controlled oxygenation we are able to transform raw, white spirit into oaky drops of gold.

The result of the transformation is a deep, robust and complex drink, packed with notes of vanilla, dark red berries, dried fruits and warming winter spices. Call of Excise duty offers a complexity and long-lasting taste, perfect for a night by the fire.


EtOH Spirits ApS
EtOH is a start-up company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded by Tobias Emil Jensen, who previously started one of the most famous microbreweries in Denmark. In 2017 he left the beer business to explore the future of whisky and spirits making. Through years of development and academic research we have invented, and refined methods to accelerate ageing of spirits.
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