An authentic Greek recipe with marinated snails, vinegar, garlic and a touch of chili pepper. Enjoy it just with bread, add it in any green salad, boiled, smashed potatoes or simply taste it on a bruschetta with peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Ready to serve product.

Fereikos is in the snail (escargot) farming, processing, packaging and distribution business since 2010 located in Corinth Greece.
Our target customers are both retailers and wholesalers for Ho.Re.Ca , deli shops, restaurants, super markets, fisheries, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies in Greece and globally. We currently sell our products in over 16 countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Spain, Belgium and Denmark, among others. We would like to expand into the USA and Asia.
To assist retailers and resellers, we work on packaging and product positioning to end consumers, who are typically trend setters and include men of all ages, women 35-45, and the LGBTQ community. Our positioning is trendy, spontaneous, dynamic, social and active, in addition to being delicious, nutritious and good for the planet.
To secure our supply of snails, we collaborate with 289 farmers from 24 countries including Greece, Cyprus, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, Armenia, Lebanon, Kenya and South Africa. We provide training and technical expertise to our partners, which include existing and new farmers and investors who are looking for growth opportunities and access to global markets. We also assist young and/or unemployed people in starting a new sustainable business.
Our vision is to become a global leader in the production and distribution of snails and related products. Our mission is to promote the production and consumption of socially and environmentally responsible products which help address domestic and global challenges related to sustainable sources of food, access to food in developing economies and climate change.
We are focused on continuously developing our products and services, and ourselves, with respect for others and the environment.
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